NYC Indoor Totalitarian Vaccine Mandate in Effect

In the shadows of the staged Jesuit and CIA Taliban-theatre-act in Afghanistan, the New York City’s indoor vaccine mandate went into effect Tuesday, making it the first major U.S. city to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to eat or drink inside bars and restaurants. The new requirement, which applies to everyone 12 and older, doesn’t just apply to dining but includes nearly every public indoor activity, from gyms to bowling alleys to movie theaters to concert venues and more. And of course, you have to wear your face diaper like a gullible little stupid sheep.

Now, anyone with a brain and a spine would simply say NO, and just go on their business as usual. We who have done our research know that there are no such things as transmittable diseases. Viruses are dead residue from our body’s natural cleaning process. They cannot infect anything. It’s all a big LIE to cover up the coming financial collapse and to usher in the New World Order.

If you have a grasp of Natural Law, you know you do not have to accept their offer, you can stand your ground. Sure, you will be harassed by the police and other evil minions, but what is the alternative? Taking a shot that will make you sick and infertile, if it doesn’t kill you? Wearing a diaper on your face, restricting oxygen and giving you carbon dioxide poisoning, killing off your brain cells? Not to mention the graphene oxide and other shit in the masks that you will inhale.
No, there is no other option than to say NO, to fight, and to stand your ground!

Now, what will most likely happen is that government agents and hired crisis actors will “get caught” using fake vaccine ID’s and starting turmoil for not wanting to wear a face diaper. There will be fights and rehearsed scenes worthy of an Oscar. These false flags will serve to put everyone who want to live normally, peacefully and avoiding the RNA altering vaccine in a bad light. It will be an direct attack on the “anti-vaxxers”. It will increase the separation between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Division. The same script they always use. Get the people to fight each other.

This is also the reason why they don’t roll out digital IDs on your mobile phone. They want to slowly program you and by using cards, they can play the “fake cards” false flags to rile up the sleeping people even more – and to get more ammunition for even stricter laws and less freedom. Same old script. This is all very thought out and planned. If the pandemic was real. If viruses really existed, we would have had digital IDs in an instant. And there would be hazard bins for masks, and restrictions would be the same everywhere, not just in selected businesses they want to destroy. And so on. I written tons about this already.

And of course, there are rituals behind this mandate as always. Guess what they threaten you with if you fake a vaccination card/ID? Yes, 7 years in prison.

Where have we heard “7 years” before? Yes, the book of Revelation 13:16-18.
The mark of the beast will begin to be enforced halfway through the Antichrist’s seven-year rule, at the beginning of the Great Tribulation.
And these Vaccine Id’s has been called “the mark of the beast”, although, the real mark of the beast will be microchip implants, or simple nano technology that might have been injected into you by, well, a vaccine for example.

And on September 13, they will begin to enforce the mandate by issuing fines. Why wait until September 13? Because of Gematria…

September Thirteen = 202, 95 (Eng Ordinal and Rev Full Red)
Proof of Vaccination = 202, 95 (Eng Ordinal and Rev Full Red)

Double matches on the two most important English ciphers. Incredible rare and thus incredible valuable for their ritual.
It’s time folks. People of NYC, stand up for your rights! Do not accept their offer. Do not consent! It’s time to fight back!

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