Mentally Ill Detainee, Suspected of Role in 9/11, Set for Transfer in Yet Another 9/11-Ritual

On the day before, February 3, we had a very obvious 9/11-ritual involving an accusation of Vladimir Putin preparing a False Flag. That in itself was pure mocking since 9/11 was one of the biggest false flags in history, planned since long before the construction of the towers.
Now, on February 4, when there was a conjunction of Saturn with the Sun, the Jesuits could not help themselves and did another even more obvious one – claiming that a mentally ill detainee at Guantánamo Bay, Mohammed al-Qahtani, a suspect in the 9/11 staged false flag; whom was tortured and could not be prosecuted, but was to “dangerous to release,” is now being transferred to a rehabilitation center in Saudi Arabia.
Yeah, that didn’t sound made-up at all. “Mohammed al-Qahtani” is a long and complicated name that will generate high numbers in gematria and a very limited number of matches.

Remember that the 9/11 destruction of the two towers was a ritual to symbolize the remembrance of the destruction of the two temples, Solomon’s and Herod’s, of Jerusalem. These were supposedly destroyed on the same day, 657-years apart, and is known as Tisha B’Av.

Mohammed al-Qahtani = 304
False Flag Operation = 304
United States Government = 304
Destruction Of Two Temples = 304

Only that little decode alone tells the whole story. But there is a lot more.

The World Trade Centers were on the 74th Meridian West.

Mohammed al-Qahtani = 74 & 88
The Temple of Saturn = 74 & 88 (Saturn, whom they worship and is in conjunction with the sun on this date)
Allahu Akbar = 74 & 88
Forty-Two = 74 (as in 4/2, fourth of February when this story was released)

Mohammed al-Qahtani = 155
Mental Illness = 155 (they claim he is mentally ill)
Masonic Ritual = 155
Freemasons = 155

And on February 4th, there were 330-days remaining in the year, 330 as in 33, the Freemasonic number.

And remember that he’s been held at Guantánamo Bay and they claim he is mentally ill.

Mentally Ill = 135, 45
Guantanamo Bay = 135, 45

And February 4 has 48-numerology.
February 4, 2022 = 2/4/2022 = (2) + (4) + (20) + (22) = 48

Nine Eleven = 48
Freemason = 48

As well as 4/2 is 42.

NYC = 42 (New York City, where the two towers were)
September 11 = 42 (can it get more obvious than this?)
Zionism = 42 (the two temples, Tisha B’Av)
Freemason = 42
Jesuit = 42

And 2/4/22 = 2 + 4 + 22 = 28
Tisha B’Av = 28 (Full Reduction)

Very much another scripted mocking ritual, all made up.

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