Spy Balloons, SpaceX’s 33 Engine Test, and 33-Year-Old Teacher Found Dead

The non-stop 48-hours per 24-hour news cycle is now more apparent than ever, as we are flooded with scripted and fabricated “news” by the numbers, keeping media consumers from verifying anything.

Yesterday, on February 9, they continued with the Chinese Spy Satelloon cringe psy-op with the U.S. government telling us that it was part of a “fleet” of ‘balloons’ that flew over exactly 40 countries. Could that fleet had been the 99 Red Balloons Nena sung and warned us about in her 1983 hit? Also, I wonder what they got that number from? Oh, wait. It’s a scripted and fabricated ritual as everything else. Of course, it was 40 countries on the 40th day of the year! So, 40 countries and the only one noticing it was, of course, the United States, the U.S., which just happened to be 40 in gematria. And we are in the year of 2023, like 223, or 322 backwards, like Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry out of Yales, United States.

February 9 = 40th day of the year

United States = 40
Order 322 = 40 (aka. Skull and Bones)
U.S. = 40

Keep that ‘322’ in mind, as we are in the year of Skull and Bones Freemasonry. And that takes us to our next scripted story, that of Elon Musk’s phony SpaceX and their alleged test of, yes, you guessed it, a Freemasonic ‘33’ engines on their “interplanetary rocket!” That is so original! The ‘33’ rituals are every day now.

Well, the character Elon Musk is in the club, a Freemason, and he plays the role of the rebellious billionaire tech-whiz kid, while conditioning the sleeping masses with the Satanic transhumanism and space lie. As you might remember, Elon was born on June 28, 1971, and this Freemasonic fake test of ‘33’ engines come 32 weeks and 2 days after his last birthday. Yes, that’s ‘332,’ as in Skull and Bones!

Of course, counting forward to Musk’s next birthday, we have exactly 4 months and 20 days if we include the end date. That is a 42, the number representing Saturn, their Sun God that is seen on the Jesuit Order’s logotype.

Saturn = 42
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42

And this silliness happened on February 9, like 2/9, as in 29.

Elon Musk = 29

And speaking of these Freemasons and their obvious rituals, we also saw headlines with an allegedly missing ‘33’-year old New Jersey Kindergarten Teacher who was found dead on February 9. So, she was a Freemasonic 33-years-old, and she worked as a teacher, a word that equals ’33.’ That reminds me of the diabetic 33-year-old teacher who died wrapped in his duvet in London in 2021. Or the 33-year-old teacher who allegedly died of the fake CovAIDS-19 in Brooklyn in 2020. And, well, you get my point. A quick internet search will bring you a dozen of the exact same scripted stories with teachers dying at the age of 33.

Teacher = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33
Order = 33

She was a teacher at ‘BelovED’ charter school (we had a staged shooting at a charter school on Jan 23,) and she was found in Kearny on February 9, like 2/9, as in 29, and she left three (!) children behind.

BelovED = 29 (the school she worked at)
Kearny = 29 (where she was found)
Three = 29 (she had three children)
Masonic = 29 (Masonic ritual)

Her name was ‘Luz Hernandez,’ a perfect match with the ritualistic word of ritual sacrifice, or simply sacrifice.

Luz Hernandez = 154
Ritual Sacrifice = 154

Luz Hernandez = 170
Sacrifice = 170

And Luz Hernandez was allegedly found in a ‘shallow grave.’

Luz Hernandez = 64, 53
Shallow Grave = 64, 53

For a full and totally awesome decode of this Freemasonic teacher ritual, please enjoy Joseph’s video below.

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