Clown World: NASA “Space Satellite” Blamed as “Chinese Spy Balloon”

Anyone with a grain of common sense know that there is no such thing as a satellite portrayed by all the fake space agencies. We live in closed system. There is no such thing as an “orbit” or “outer space.” That’s stories and imagination for small children. And we know that “satellites” are actually balloons carrying these silly communication gadgets. There is a reason why NASA is the world’s largest, by far, buyer and consumer of helium. And now, since February 2, the media has actually confirmed this space satellite hoax, as a NASA ‘satelloon’ was descended over US territory and was labelled as a “Chinese spy balloon.” And if satellites were real, why would China use a balloon? Such mockery.

It was all planned and staged as part of a ritual, to keep the Chinese “threat narrative” alive, and, of course, to mock the public who still believe in these infantile stories.

If you understand numerology, gematria, and their rituals this is extremely easy to spot, even more so if you take a few minutes to research the topic.
For example, we know they use balloons, and this is reported as a “spy balloon,” so why would they show us this (revelation of the method) on February 2, and keep it trending in the news for days? Well, a quick search on balloons and historical events takes us to a former historical balloon record that was set on February 2, 1966, by Nicholas J. Piantanida, as he reached 123,500 feet (37,600 meters.) He allegedly died half a year later on August 29, 1966, after an attempt to break his own record on May 1, 1966, that left him brain damaged and in a coma. As you know, the Order of Illuminati was created by Jesuit priest Adam Weishaupt on May 1st, 1776. Perhaps Nick was recruited by NASA as a ‘satelloon specialist’ and they faked his death…

Also, the satelloon was first spotted over Kansas City, Missouri, and was reported in the media on February 3. We know that they love to honor their fake idols of bread and circuses, and one of them is Joe Montana who played for the Kansas City Chiefs. Joe was born on June 11, 1956, and the media report of this satelloon over Kansas City was published on February 3, a span of 34 weeks on the day after his birthday. Of course, February 3 was the 34th day of the year.

Also, Joe Montana won Super Bowl 23 with his 49ers 34 years ago, and ‘49ers’ equals 34 in gematria. He was also known as ‘Joe Cool,’ which is a Masonic ‘33’ in English reduction, but also a ‘34’ in Elizabethan reduction.

And it was a “spy balloon” over America… Note that 139 is the 34th prime number.

Spy Balloon = 139 = 34th prime number
America = 139 = 34th prime number
Freemasonry = 139 = 34th prime number
49ers = 34
Pentagon = 34 (agency who spotted and commented on the satelloon)
Joe Cool = 34 (and 33)

And speaking of Joe Montana, also known as the ‘Comeback Kid,’ the “spy balloon” was later spotted drifting over the state of Montana, the 41st state of the Union, which fits with being a Skull and Bones Freemasonic ritual and being a “spy balloon.”

Spy Balloon = 41
Comeback Kid = 41 (Joe Montana)
Skull and Bones = 41

And, as Montana’s other nick name of ‘Joe Cool,’ reduces to the Freemasonic ’33,’ that brings us to the involvement of China in this ritual, as 7th Chinese President Xi Jinping was born on June 15, 1953, and this story on February 3 comes 33 weeks and 3 days after his birthday, as in the very Freemasonic ‘333.’ We’ve seen this in several rituals lately. And remember, this satelloon nonsense started on February 2, the 33rd day of the year. However, that ‘333’ coded with Xi Jinping’s birthday is actually more relevant than simply showing the Freemason’s involvement, it also bring us back to the beginning of the story, with the balloon record set by Nicholas J. Piantanida. Yes, his name equals ‘333,’ making us come full circle in this ritual.
All completely staged and fabricated by the numbers.

Nicholas J. Piantanida = 333

And for more history, especially when discussing airspace and that Pentagon said they would not “shoot down the balloon,” in 1918, on April 21, Manfred von Richthofen, the German fighter pilot known as the “Red Baron” who was believed to have downed 80 enemy aircraft during World War I, was himself shot down and killed while in action over France (where the Jesuit Order was founded.) This airspace satelloon story on February 3 comes 77 days before April 21.

But more importantly, on April 21, 1962, the observation tower Space Needle opened in Seattle – an icon for the fake space narrative.
Also, February 3 and April 21 share the same date-numerology in 48 and 12, connecting the dates.

Also, the person commenting this to the media was Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder, a name with 77-gematria, and the media referred to this satelloon as a “Chinese spy balloon” and as a “surveillance balloon,” both being 77 in the same cipher. And this also led to the postpone of Antony John Blinken visiting China on a diplomatic trip.

Patrick Ryder = 77 (Pentagon spokesman)
United States = 77 (where the “spy balloon” was spotted)
Chinese Spy Balloon = 77
Surveillance Balloon = 77
Antony John Blinken = 77 (cancelled his trip to China)

For more, check Joseph’s excellent video decode below.

So, yes, this was not a real “spy balloon” or not even a rogue NASA satelloon, but simply a staged ritual all by the numbers. Mockery combined with the China Aggression Agenda. It was also a bit of ‘revelation of the method,’ poking fun at those still believing in space and orbiting satellites with showing us in plain sight how it all works, using balloons.

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