U.S. Military Shoots Down ‘Object’ Over Alaska

This story broke as I was about to hit the bed late yesterday. I guess it’s a continuation of the Spy Balloon Psy-Op they are feeding the sleeping masses, and another coin in the bucket for staging another fabricated and fake war. Question is, do they really need to, considering people are stringing along accepting the absurd increases in cost of living as of late? Or will they simply use all these fake stories as an excuse for new sanctions and more increases of cost of living?

As for this “high-altitude object” that allegedly was shot down over Alaska and U.S. waters, there is of course no way to verify the story, or if there actually where an object put there by the government in the first place. The concept of, ‘if it can be faked, it most likely was faked,’ can be applied here. Perhaps they’ll show some scrap put together by some military Freemasons on tell-a-lie-vision, and the sheep will go, “oooh, another red spy balloon, we need to spank China. Go Brandon, go!”

As for this story, this ritual, it is connected with the earlier “spy balloon” ritual and it broke during February 10, the 41st day of the year, and the object was allegedly shot down over Alaska, the 49th state in order of statehood.

41st day of the year, over the 49th state.

Spy Balloon = 41, 49

The media referred to it as an ‘object’ to get that mystical spy-vibe, that feeling of uncertainty to get the zombies believing in this nonsense to be stepping on their toes. February 10 came with a 55-date numerology. It was allegedly shot down by Military after approval by Joe Biden. Also, as always, this is a Satanic ritual.

+2/10/2023 = 2 + 10 + 20 + 23 = 55

Object = 55
Satan = 55
Military = 55
Joseph Biden = 55

The ‘object’ was ‘shot down’ on a day with 35-date numerology, and by a F-35 fighter jet.

2/10/23 = 2 + 10 + 23 = 35

Object = 35
Satan = 35
Shot Down = 35

Actually, February 10 also comes with a 19-date numerology, making it a three-way match with the word ‘object’ that they insisted on using.

2/10/2023 = (2) + (10) + 2+0+2+3 = 19

Object = 19
Chaos = 19

So, we have 55, 19, and 35.

2/10/2023 = 2 + 10 + 20 + 23 = 55
2/10/2023 = (2) + (10) + 2+0+2+3 = 19
2/10/23 = 2 + 10 + 23 = 35

Object = 55, 19, 35

Still think these stories are real and their numerology is organic? Not scripted at all?

And that leaves us ‘107’ remaining in the English ciphers for the word ‘object,’ and funny enough, it matches the rest of their fabricated story as well. How convenient!
The ‘object’ was shot down after the military got the clear by Joe Biden, and it allegedly happened over the ‘north coast of Alaska.’

Object = 107
Joseph Biden = 107
Military = 107
North Coast of Alaska = 107

They also referred to it as a ‘high-altitude object.’

High-Altitude Object = 179

179 is the 41st prime number. And this took place on the 41st day of the year.

USA = 41
Spy Balloon = 41
Skull and Bones = 41

For a more complete decode of this fabricated ‘military action,’ please check Joseph Acquaviva’s video decode below.

And as for this story to develop, and perhaps some ‘big’ reveal, do stay tuned for today, February 11.

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