Supreme Court blocks US vaccine mandate for large businesses, but not health care workers

So, The Supreme Court blocked “President” Joe Biden’s vaccine and testing requirement aimed at large businesses, but allowed a vaccine mandate towards health care workers nationwide.
Again, a very planned ritual, and step in the staged and fake pandemic. Those against being slaves and ‘forced’ to take a maiming, sterilizing and deadly vaccine will see this as a win – and especially those against the puppet Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, health care workers will have to play Russian roulette with their lives, while most vaccine shots are still simply salt water, but the more of them you take, the higher the chance to get that batch that is real and will do irreversible damage. This ruling and block on mandates for large businesses will of course only be temporary. Those against it will see it as a win and it will instill a false sense of trust in the “system,” and those in dumbed down and in deep hypnosis, believing that viruses and the pandemic is real, will be even more agitated and hateful towards the unvaccinated. The Federal government will continue the theatre, appealing to “common-sense”, their fake “science”, and to saving lives. More propaganda to brainwash and divide the people. Their favorite tactic. Divide and conquer. Let the people fight themselves while they rule in the shadows. They always play both sides. Giving out small bread crumbs of hope, just to pull out the rug beneath your feet when you’re about to take your next step.

As this ruling is only temporary, this will also be the perfect set up to take out the health care system just in time for new mandates taking effect, and more people getting sick from the vaccine, requiring health care that has been severely cut down, understaffed or even closed down. Chaos.

This ruling came on January 13, 2022, a date with the infamous pandemic ‘56’ numerology, clearly showing us that this was planned, that this was a ritual.

1/13/2022 = 1 + 13 + 20 + 22 = 56

Covid Vaccine = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Washington D.C. = 56 (the federal government)
Society of Jesus = 56 (the Jesuit Order, the order planning everything)

This ruling comes exactly 26-months and 26-days after the pandemic simulation Event 201, held on October 18, 2019. What a perfect alignment of 26.

Virus = 26
Covid = 26
Disease = 26
China = 26 (where the say the non-existing virus came from)
Agenda 21 = 26 (this was the last piece of Agenda 21, opening up for Agenda 2030)

This ruling is also 87-days after the anniversary of Event 201.

Number of the Beast = 87 (always in vaccine stories)
Mandatory Vaccination = 87 (what it is about)
Vaccines Forever = 87 (Bill Gates’ statement ‘decade of vaccines’)
Bill Gates = 87 (as his statement and a key puppet used in vaccine stories)

And it’s exactly 117 weeks after Event 201.

Unvaccinated = 117 (who they target)

This also comes 22-months and 2- days, as in 222, after the declaration of the Pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020.

Mandatory Vaccination = 222 (there we go again! So scripted!)
Wuhan Coronavirus = 222 (keyword, that this back to China being 26)
Vaccine and Testing Mandate = 222 (Jewish Ordinal)

And this story is about Joe Biden and his mandates, so it comes 54-days after Biden’s birthday on November 20.

Jesuit Order = 54
Health Care = 54 (targeted first by this ruling)
Business = 54 (temporarily saved from mandate)

It’s also a span of 55 days, when counting the end date, just as his real name Joseph Biden is 55. Clearly a ritual about this puppet.

It’s also 311-days before his upcoming birthday. 311 is the 64th Prime Number.

Joe Biden = 64 (again, this ritual is partly about him)
Virus Pandemic = 64 (key word, what they want you to think it is about)
Viral Pandemic = 64

And remember, the goal of “President Joe Biden” was to force vaccinate 84 million Americans in large businesses.

President Joe Biden = 84

So yes, this “ruling” was staged, a part of the manuscript the Jesuit Order and their minions has been working on, calculated, and coded for decades.

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