Trump Finally Showing his Real Colors – Promoting the Death Jab and Boosters

There are still delusional diet-woke people who believe in the Israel-loving Jesuit puppet Donald Trump. They seem to have forgotten all about Operation Warp Speed, his allegiance to Pope Francis (the first Jesuit pope of the Vatican,) and the simple fact that politics is nothing more than theatre for the sleeping masses. The only reason Trump became president was to gather the semi-woke dumbed down people on that side of the coin – and to activate the CIA operation known as Q’anon. That is the whole idea behind controlled opposition. If you want to have total control, be sure to control both sides of any argument.

And again, Trump embraces the vaccines, and he lies about it saving people when it is doing the complete opposite. And he also lies about himself getting the boosters – just to influence his sheep followers to do the same. None of the cabal puppets get any vaccine or boosters, not unless they’ve served their purpose and need to be killed off.

And of course, this was a Jesuit ritual as well.

Trump was born on June 14. His interview was on December 19. That is a span of 6 months and 6 days, as in 66.

The Number of The Beast = 66 (always coded in vaccine stories)

It is also a span of exactly 27 weeks.

“Trump met with boos after revealing he received Covid-19 booster” = 270 = 27

Note that the headline is 52 letters long.
Corona, Wuhan = 52
Inoculation = 52
Government = 52
Vaccine Mandate = 52
War on Covid = 52

And also…

Donald Trump = 48 & 60
Booster Shot = 48 & 60
Vaccination = 48

This was also on the 353rd day of they year. 353 is the 71st Prime Number.
The Society of Jesus = 71 (the Jesuit Order)

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