Jim Cramer Fake Positive COVAIDS-1984 in 53-ritual

The little puppet Jim at CNBC claimed he had the COVAIDS-1984 during one of his appearances on the screen, that hopefully no one watched unless severely retarded.

This little useless stain on society was born on February 10, which made his silly announcement on December 20 to come exactly 53 days before his birthday.

And that on a day with 53-numerology.
December 20, 2021 = 12/20/21 = (12) + (20) + (21) = 53

And the statement he made that all news outlets now run with was, “I have Covid”.

I have Covid = 53

So, you announce, “I have Covid”, which has a gematria value of 53, on a day with 53-numerology, and 53 days before your birthday on the day!
Seriously, little Jimmy boy, get the fuck out of here.

And of course, as a bonus, they say it is a “mild case…”

Mild Case = 66
Number of the Beast = 66 (coded in most covid and vaccine propaganda stories)

And “Squawk on the Street” is 70 in Gematria, which I covered here. The new covid hoax-code.

Coronavirus = 70 (is both 56 and 70, perfect)
COVID Vaccine = 70 (is also both 56 and 70)
Corona COVID-19 Jab = 70 (keyword for vaccine stories)
Fake Virus Outbreak = 70 (they love to use Revelation of the Method to keep their ‘karma’ clean)
Planned Virus = 70 (same, revelation of the Method)
Rebranded Flu = 70 (our natural detoxing cycle, now renamed to covid)

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