First confirmed US case of Omicron on the 335th day of the year! More of the Revelation 666 ritual

December 1, 2021, is the 335th day of the year.
“First confirmed US case of Omicron” = 335 (English Ordinal)

This is obviously a Revelation, Number of the Beast 666, ritual that ties back to the name Omicron.

The first Covid case in the US was on January 21, 2020, 1/21 = 121
First Omicron case on December 1 = 12/1 = 121
South Africa = 121 (country of origin)
Revelation = 121 (English Ordinal)
Omicron is a 666-ritual as in Revelation.

And the person first tested positive for CONvid-1984 on November 29, the 333rd day of the year.

November 29, 2021, is the 333rd day of the year.
Omicron coronavirus variant detected in California = 333 (Reverse Full Reduction EP)

I might decode this story as it develops. All lies, all staged and fabricated. Viruses does not exist!
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