Fist Bumps Instead of Handshakes – The Ultimate Mockery

I know, I’ve mentioned this when the idiocy first started at the beginning of the staged and fake pandemic. However, it’s something that has continued and the sheep goes along with it while everyone laugh their asses off.

Now, let’s just pretend that something as stupid as viruses and contagious diseases exist. I know, it’s retarded. But according to their fake and silly science, these viruses are supposed to be spread by people opening their piehole, like in talking, singing, coughing, or even burping, hence the extremely stupid face masks that deprive you of oxygen and causes build up of carbon dioxide which damages your lungs and brain. Heck, the Chinese even examined peoples’ buttholes with anal swabs because of Covid escaping in farts. That is some serious science for you!

Anyhow, what is important is the fact that there is no difference in standing upright and doing a handshake or standing upright and doing a fist-bump if airborne viruses would actually exist (which they do not,) or even worse, standing closer and doing a pad on the shoulder, as we will get to in this story with puppet Joe Biden visiting Israel.

All these things are only about mocking the sleeping masses, the dumbed down sheep, for their lack of intelligence and awareness. When they get people to do a fist-bump, like the puppets seen on TV, they are laughing at you. The gullible little sheep just took part of their ritual as a tribute to the Jesuit Order (see decode below.) It’s mockery plain and simple.

As for the story, Biden tried fist bumps instead of handshakes for the rationale of ‘minimizing contact.’ Yet, none of them had face masks and they stood pretty much shoulder-to-shoulder. Do you see the mockery?

First, the silly fist bump. Then they walk off arms-in-arms…

What was that about minimizing contact, again?

And, of course, this was all scripted and done by the numbers, as they always do.
If you remember, yesterday, when they started the hysteria about Omicron BA.5, the story was once again coded with ‘Number of the Beast’ and ‘Mark of the Beast.’ Well, that theme is now in full swing once again.

Minimize Contact = 174, 75, 87, 1044
Number of the Beast = 174, 75, 87, 1044
New World Order = 174, 75, 1044

It’s also a perfect match with the founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola. The order of the Catholic Church who controls the media and bring you these scripted and mostly fake stories on a daily basis. The order that writes the reality for the sleeping masses.

Minimize Contact = 75, 231, 87, 87, 1386
Ignatius of Loyola = 75, 231, 87, 87, 1386

Ignatius was born on October 23, 1491. This story about ‘minimizing contact’ broke on July 13, exactly 14 weeks and 4 days, like 144, before the anniversary of Ignatius birthday. Ignatius who founded the Jesuit Order and this ‘Mark of the Beast’ ritual to ‘minimize contact’ due to the ‘worst variant’ was carried out by President Biden.

Jesuit Order = 144
Mark of the Beast = 144
President Biden = 144
Worst variant = 144
The Hidden Hand that Rules the World = 144

And as participating in their rituals, it’s quite clear why they chose something as juvenile as ‘fist bumps.’

Fist Bumps = 35, 64
Baphomet = 35, 64

Fist Bumps = 55
Satan = 55

Fist Bumps = 125, 35, 53, 440, 118, 159, 750
Jesuitism = 125, 35, 53, 440, 118, 159, 750

That is, you participate in the practices of the Jesuits and worship Satan.

Again, this was all about mockery and to condition the idea of the new “worst variant” of the fake coronavirus that they say is now spreading at alarming rates. Another brick in the second looming pandemic.

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