Canada’s “No Vax, Pay Tax,” allegedly lead to them lying about a spike in vaccinations in an obvious 56-ritual

Only one day after the “No Vax, Pay Tax,” ritualistic announcement, the province’s health minister claims that first-time appointments have spiked. Of course, my “bullshit-alarm” went off like no tomorrow. This is of course lies and just another ritual by the numbers.

The headline reads as, “Canada says vaccine mandates work as Quebec’s ‘unvaxxed tax’ leads to spike in first-dose appointments.”

“Unvaxxed tax,” eh? How very original to spell it with x’s. Of course, that is part of the ritual, to make the gematria and numbers match.

Unvaxxed Tax = 56
The infamous ‘56’ pandemic code. Also notice that you have three ‘x’ in that phrase. X = 6 in Full Reduction, so XXX = 666.

Unvaxxed Tax = 56
Unvaxxed = 56
Obligatory = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
Virus Outbreak = 56
Wuhan Corona = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

And this fake story comes on January 12, the day leaving 353 days remaining in the year. 353 is the 71st Prime Number. And what is the story about? Yes, vaccine hesitancy, penalizing those who can think for themselves – a step towards the new global order. And they lie about it taking effect, that people would sell their souls for a “health contribution” penalty of merely C$100 according to their health minister.

A New Global Order = 71
Vaccine Hesitancy = 71
Health Minister = 71
The Society of Jesus = 71 (the Jesuit Order, the order writing the script)

The name of the health minister is Christian Dube.

Christian Dube = 61
No Vax Penalty Tax = 61

And Christian Dube’s words were, “it’s encouraging.”

It’s Encouraging = 72 (his statement)
Unvaccinated = 72 (the target)
Jesuit Order = 72 (their masters writing the script)

And remember the phrase “Unvaxxed Tax” with the three x’s? X that is 6 in Full Reduction…
XXX = 72 (English Ordinal)
More references to the Number of The Beast.

Again, a fabricated story by the numbers, only to try to apply herd-mentality pressure.

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