As I Said from the Start – At Least 70 to 85% of All Cov-1984 Vaccines are ‘Harmless’

When the vaccines started rolling out (for something that does not exist), I speculated that at least 70 to 85% would be salt water and less than 20 % would be the real thing, the maiming, sterilizing, and deadly weapon of depopulation.

In mid-November, Craig Paardekooper examined all the available data from the VAERS database and filtered all the reported side effects and deaths to their correlating batch/lot number. And look and behold, as many of us has speculated all along, certain batch numbers with high numbers at the end ALL have high numbers of reported side effects and deaths, while other batch numbers have only a few. And guess what, yes, 70 % of all batch numbers has virtually no reported side effects. 70% are harmless! And another 10% are very mild, adding up to 80% or almost 85% that is not that harmful. However, the remaining 15% is extremely dangerous and deadly.
And as I wrote over a year ago, this is the best strategy. If the majority feel nothing at all, they will recommend the vaccine to their friends and family. And as you get the second and third shot, the side effects and deaths will slowly increase and to hide this simple fact, they invented the Delta variant and now the silly Omicron variant.
If you can’t see this staged and fake pandemic for what it is at this stage, you are most likely a lost cause.

Batch numbers identified, which are harmful?

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