More Distasteful Vaccine Propaganda from the Media

I’ve covered several stories about ‘celebrities’ pushing this depopulation vaccine, as the little puppets on strings they are. False idols promoting pure evil as instructed by their handlers to persuade the weak-minded to hurt and even kill themselves. By partaking in this fake pandemic, by recommending the vaccine, you are a complicit to all the side-effects, including sterilization and death. You are by definition a war criminal and I assure you; justice will prevail and heads will roll. And that takes us to this distasteful staged and faked story.

The lying Jesuit-controlled media claims the following:

“A Florida teen who spent 11 days on a ventilator after she contracted Covid-19 has a message for her peers and others….
My message, technically is: If you’re eligible to get the vaccine, please do, Paulina Velasquez told CNN from her home in Coral Gables, Florida. I plan on getting vaccinated as soon as my doctor lets us know when I can.”

Sickening propaganda aimed at teens – the current generation they want to make mostly sterile, as part of Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050 depopulation plan for a ‘sustainable population’.

And of course, this story is heavily coded with numerology and gematria, showing us what is going on with this distasteful ritual.

She spent 11 days on a ventilator. 11 is the master number, and the fake pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020, and Pfizer’s death shot went live in the United States on December 11, 2020. Yes, the whole ‘pandemic’ is based on numerology, as I’ve shown hundreds of times by now.
And, of course, the story about this made-up teenager begins on July 11…

This story broke on August 4, as in 9/4, as in 94.

94 is very important when it comes to vaccines. Remember, on January 29, 2020, Bill Gates declared his ‘Decade of Vaccines’ on the 94th day of his age. Bill Gate’s mother died in ‘94. Bill Gate’s father died at the age of 94.

Coronavirus Pandemic: 94 (keyword, what it is all about)
Davos, Switzerland: 94 (Davos Agenda, a meeting hosted by the satanic World Economic Forum)
Seattle, Washington: 94 (home of Bill Gates)
Corona Covid-19 Jab: 94 (what the story promotes, the propaganda)
Enslaved Population: 94 (one of their end-goals, through vaccine ID’s and microchip implants)
Microchip: 94 (connection to Bill Gates, and what they want inside all of us)
Proof of Vaccination: 94 (vaccine card -> vaccine ID -> microchip implant)
And of course, obesity is ‘94’ in Reverse Ordinal, as the teen pictured in this fake story is very obese, making a perfect fit for this story on 9/4.

As most of us know, the Freemasons are the ‘foot soldiers’ of the Jesuits and the Catholic Church (which is the instrument of the 13 bloodlines). It’s the freemasons that stage everything around this fake pandemic. And in this story, that can not be any more obvious. The little crisis actor they used for this fake news story is called Paullina.

Paulina: 74, 29, 115, 43
Masonic: 74, 29, 115, 43

Perfect match on all four English ciphers (and ten ciphers total). Not even a handful of names from the tens of thousands around the world that matches in all four. Obviously, this story was staged by the Freemasons.

If you examine the numbers that Paulina breaks down to, you have ‘74’, which is 7+4=11, and ‘29’, which is 2+9=11. And ‘115’ is 1+1+5=7, and ‘43’ is 4+3=7. So, we have ‘11’ and ‘7’, just as when her story began, on July 11, 7/11.

Very clever coding, and the main reason why they picked the name ‘Paulina’ and said it started on 7/11.

74 seems important in this story. The fictional girl in this fake story is said to be 15 years old.
15 Years: 74 (English Ordinal)
Fifteen Years Old: 74 (Full Reduction)

And the Jesuits, the Society of Jesus, just love to use the number 74, the God number.

Jesus: 74
Cross: 74
Messiah: 74
Gospel: 74

And again, looking at the full name…

Paulina Velasquez: 202 (English Ordinal)
Proof of Vaccination: 202

One of their most important agendas at the moment, to get the younger generation to sterilize themselves through vaccination and to establish a ‘proof of vaccination’, a vaccine card or ID for their totalitarian control of an enslaved population.

Paulina Velasquez: 67 (Full Reduction)
Covid Nineteen: 67 (keyword, dictating the theme of the story)
Wuhan: 67 (keyword, connected to the fake covid-19)
No Human Rights: 67 (what happens when you take the vaccine, you are transhuman and no longer has any rights)
Sterilizing: 67 (what the vaccine does)
Order 322: 67 (Skull & Bones Freemasonic order, the ones staging this fake story)

Paulina Velasquez: 230 (Reverse Ordinal)
Corona Covid Vaccination: 230 (the theme of the propaganda story)
The Greater Good: 203 (what they tell themselves during this depopulation phase)

Paulina Velasquez: 86 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Corona Covid Vaccine: 86 (the theme of the propaganda story)
Jesuits: 86 (the ones writing the script, giving the orders)
Misinformation: 86 (what it is, all fake, all lies)
Vaccine is the Killer: 86 (Revelation of the Method, what it really is)

And as a kicker, since what she allegedly said was so contrived and scripted…

August 4 is the 247th day of the year.
“I plan on getting vaccinated as soon as my doctor lets us know when I can” = 247 (Full Reduction)

247 is the 79th Semi-Prime.
Fifteen Years Old: 79 (Reverse Full Reduction)

247 is ‘187’ in Duodecimal (base 12).
“If you’re eligible to get the vaccine, please do” = 187 (Full Reduction)

On August 4, there is 118 days remaining of the year. 118 is the 38th Semi-Prime.
Fifteen: 38 (Full Reduction)
Velasquez: 38 (Full Reduction)

There you have it. Everything is scripted, made up, and coded. This is nothing more than propaganda lies aimed at teenagers – destroying a whole generation. May them all burn in hell for this.

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