Black History Month: Eunice Dwumfour Shot and killed, Sidney Thornton Dead at 68, and Three Missing “Rappers” Found Dead

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that February is Black History Month and that they use it to ramp up their race- and racism related rituals in order to create division and hatred. As mentioned yesterday, we had the George Floyd and Damar Hamlin copycat ritual of Tyre Nichols and his fake funeral. Remember, during the staged beating by five abysmal crisis actors, Tyre cried out for his mother, which is what George Floyd was said to have done. Then, after the three minutes beating, he allegedly died a Freemasonic three days later, same as the alleged time Hamlin was in a ‘coma’ for three days. While Hamlin was player ‘3,’ the initial photos of crisis actor Tyre showed him in a t-shirt that said LOVE and had the number 3 on it, an obvious callback to Hamlin.

All this ties back to their script of division, hatred, and fueling civil unrest that could potentially lead to a civil war. And we will see more of this during February, and of course, their usual mocking rituals as the ones below.

To kick off Black History Month, we had Tyre’s staged funeral and also the shooting and killing of New Jersey councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour. Yes, that last name is another Freemasonic joke, ‘Dwumfour,’ as in ‘Done-for,’ yeah, she was done for after that staged and fake shooting, for sure.

She was allegedly killed at age 30, another three, and on the first day of Black History Month. She was elected to a three-year term. Her first name fits the keywords of a racism ritual perfectly, and keep in mind, these staged shootings and killings are done by the Freemasons within the Police. She was found dead in her ‘Nissan SUV.’

Eunice = 30
Nissan SUV = 30
Slavery = 30
Tuskegee = 30
Malcolm X = 30
Martin = 30 (MLK, see next decode)
Nigger = 30
Police = 30
Order = 30

And it happened in New Jersey, which is shortened as ‘NJ.’

NJ = 30

February 1st was the 32nd day of the year, which also fits the ritual and her last name. She was found just after 7 p.m.

7 p.m. = 32
Black Woman = 32
Negro = 32
Slavery = 32
Dwumfour = 32
Masonry = 32

CNN is also keen on mentioning that Sayreville, New Jersey, has a population of 45,000, which of course is irrelevant unless you understand their numbers and rituals. 45,000 is 45 in numerology as the zeroes hold no value.

Racism = 45
Shootings = 45
Ritual = 45

Then we had the death ritual of Sidney Thornton, a two-time Steelers Super Bowl Champion. Of course, Steelers comes with the double ‘ee,’ as in ‘EE,’ the mirrored ’33.’ While he actually died on January 28, this story was saved by the media for February 1st, the first day of Black History Month. Just another example of how they do it all by the numbers and as rituals.

Sidney allegedly died at a young 68, the year MLK was allegedly killed. While Martin Luther King was reborn in his staged death ritual and then went on to become boxing promotor Donald King, Sidney is most likely dead or retired somewhere. That is how they do it.

His age of 68, as in ‘sixty-eight,’ equals their beloved code of ’56,’ a number associated with Black Lives Matter, which of course was created by the Jesuits and Freemasons.

Sixty-Eight = 56
Black Lives Matter = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Freemasons = 56

Sidney was born on September 2, and he died on January 28, exactly 148 days after his birthday.

Death by Numbers = 148
Ritual Sacrifice = 148
Thirty-Three = 148 (Freemason’s calling card number)

It’s also 31 weeks on the day, counting to his next birthday, which fits his name and the ritual.

Sidney = 31
Slave = 31

And finally, we have the story of two rappers and a friend, as in three people, gone missing. On February 2, the second day of Black History Month, they were allegedly found dead in Highland Park under debris in a vacant apartment building. They were said to have gone missing on January 21, and was not found until almost two weeks later. According to the police, they found them by looking at their phones cellular data, as their phones had ‘pinged’ in that area. Two weeks to check some cellular data? Nice work.

Again, February 2 was the 33rd day of they year, and they were allegedly found by the Freemasonic Police who staged the whole thing. One of the rappers were from Oscoda.

Police = 33
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33
Oscoda = 33

And two weeks to find some rappers. And this was in Detroit.

Two Weeks = 33
Rappers = 33
Detroit = 33

Of course, February 2 also came with 47-date numerology. 47 representing the degrees on the Freemasonic compass, as well as the government and authority.

2/2/2023 = 2 + 2 + 20 + 23 = 47

Cop = 47
Policeman = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47

They allegedly went missing on January 21 and were found on February 2, exactly 12 days later, as in 21 backwards. Again, they were all three black men and one of them was from Oscoda.

Oscoda = 21
Black Man = 21
Jesuit = 21

The rapper’s friend was allegedly named ‘Montoya Givens,’ and was allegedly from Detroit. They were found in Highland Park, Detroit.

Montoya Givens = 64, 62
Highland Park = 64, 62

As you can see, both has the number 64, the kill number.

Kill = 64

So, there we go. More fabricated stories for their rituals and to mock the public with their racism. Expect a lot more of this during February, as well as some plain division tactics.

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