Trump Could Face up to ‘33’ Years in Prison – The New Script after the August 16 ‘88/888’ Date — Updated

I started on this article while I was writing about the FBI and DHS bulletin about ‘Civil War,’ as it all connects. Unfortunately, my time has been very limited, but here it is. My conclusion of this week’s events.

To recap, in their own secret language of gematria, ‘Trump’ and ‘Mar-a-Lago’ sums to ‘88’ in the simple English cipher and ‘Donald J. Trump’ and ‘Mar-a-Lago’ sums to ‘888’ in Sumerian. That is why the staged and fake FBI raid was of great importance to their script. To roll back, on October 5, 2017, Trump said “This is the Calm Before the Storm… The Storm is Coming.” Exactly 888-days later, on March 11, 2020, WHO declared the Coronavirus Covid-19 as a pandemic. And another 888-days later, after the declaration, was on August 16, 2022 – making that a very important date, and also the events leading up to that date. Also keep in mind that Trump is closely associated with the buzzword ‘deep state,’ which sums to ‘888’ in Reverse Sumerian.
Now, when you add 888 and 888 together, you get 1776 – the year the United States of America was founded. This is symbolically significant and was one of the reasons we watched August 16 of 2022 with interest and I did catch three stories that lined up with the numbers and with their reenactment of the book of Revelation. However, there were no real or major revealing story or something big involving Trump or the world stage. Or was there?

On August 16, Business Insider published an article about Trump and that he might have violated three federal laws and thus could serve up to ‘33’ years in prison. Yes, the Freemasonic ’33.’ Add in the other ‘3’ for the laws broken and you have ‘333,’ which is the sum in reverse reduction gematria of their motto, “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds.”

While this article has Freemasonic fingerprints all over it, and it might very well come to nothing, you can also interpret it as that the ‘calm’ is over. 1776 days has passed since Trump said, ‘This is the Calm Before the Storm.’ And we now had the staged FBI raid and fake threats and attacks as FBI a few days later sent out a bulletin warning about ‘Civil War.’ So, yes, the calm is over and we are now in the storm as of August 16. This next chapter of the storyline, “the storm,” is most likely all about division, splitting people apart, infuse hatred between groups of people, left vs. right, civil unrest and civil war. Exactly what I wrote about in my article about this bulletin put out by the FBI and the DHS.

FBI Warns of ‘Civil War’ and ‘Dirty Bomb’ Threats in the Aftermath of the Staged and Faked Mar-a-Lago Raid

Now, looking back at this past week and how triggered republicans, right-wingers, and Q’tards got over a fake breach of Trump’s safe by the FBI, just imagine how they will react if these alleged three broken laws lead to a trial and more hatred and name-calling in the media.
Of course, everything is scripted. It’s all theatre, but still, the majority of people will fall for it – they think that it’s real and they will react accordingly.

So there you have it, what might possibly be the new script while they are charging forward towards the totalitarian New World Order of Agenda 2030 and the final act of their reenactment of the Book of Revelation where Obama will return.


I was so tired I forgot to add that this goes hand in hand with what I’ve written about since the Covid vaccinations began and the mention of a ‘Dark Winter,’ as well as the fabricated effects of the staged war in Ukraine. People are already on edge after the fake pandemic and the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. Then you have the increasing cost of living in food, electricity, and gasoline prices – not to mention the whispers of a food shortage — and we have seen reports of burning food facilities and killing of farm animals all over the world. And now you have political agendas, poking the right wing and the hunt for extremists and “conspiracy theorists.” It’s pretty clear that the next phase, and the current script as of August 16, is all about civil unrest and civil war. But keep in mind that most of it will be staged (and false flags,) as always, to provoke and create fear – and to strip us of even more of the few rights and freedoms we have left.

And, of course, we have a second staged pandemic looming. If they have the guts to pull it off. And if they do, it will be perfectly timed with the events mentioned above to create a lot of chaos. You know what they say… Order out of Chaos…

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