Liz Cheney Defeated by Donald Trump’s Pick Harriet Hageman in Wyoming Republican Primary – August 16, the 88/888-date

Since I wrote my article about Trump being the Seventh King, the king who may return before Antichrist, i.e., Obama rises as the Eight King, and pointed out August 16 as a date for 88 and 888-rituals, we have had two stories that connects – making this the third. And this one is connected with Trump through his pick in Harriet Hageman defeating Liz Cheney in the Wyoming Republican primary. Note that Harriet Hageman is shortened as ‘HH,’ and that ‘H’ is the eight letter of the alphabet, making ‘HH’ stand for ’88,’ same as Trump which sums to ‘88’ in simple gematria.

HH = 88
Trump = 88

Harriet Hageman was born on October 18, and this victory on August 16 comes at a span of 303-days after her birthday, like the Freemasonic ‘33’ as you can drop the zero in numerology.

And guess what? Donald Trump was born on June 14, and August 16 was a span of 303-days before his upcoming birthday in 2023. Both of them with 303-days, as in 33, on this particular day. If you think that is a coincidence, I can’t help you – you’re totally out of it.

And as a kicker, since this is connected to Trump and Obama, and the Jesuit Order’s play on Revelation 13, her name of ‘Harriet M. Hageman’ sums to ‘666’ in the Satanic cipher. I kid you not!

Harriet M. Hageman = 666

For a full decode, Check Joseph’s video below:

The other two stories of August 16 connected with 88/888:

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