Latest from the Q’tards and Truth Social: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Going Live on March 18

This rubbish showed up in my social media feed from well-known controlled opposition as they try to hype the new Jesuit/Freemason, as in CIA-controlled, ‘Truth Social.’ You know, the Social Media platform allegedly created by Donald Trump. Yes, the Q’tards actually buy into that, thinking it will be their salvation, a wet dream, when in reality it will be an information collecting platform ten times worse than Facebook and Instagram combined.

As for this message originating from “TruthSocial” on Telegram, they claim that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will talk about the Cabal and the NON-EXISTING biochemical weapons, you know, man-made “viruses” and such nonsense.

As we know, both charlatans are Jesuit educated and have strong ties to Zionism, the Jewish supremacy doctrine out of the fake state of Israel. They are actors playing their roles as instructed by the ruling hidden hand – the 13 families, Rome and the Jesuit Order. So, it’s extremely amusing to hear that they will talk about the Cabal, as in fighting them, as they actually represent them. A clever little psy-op. But it fades in comparison to the Bio-Labs and the Biochemical Weapon hoax.

We know that the war in Ukraine is staged all by the numbers and that most of what is displayed is fabricated in computers, pulled from old footage archives, or done by really bad crisis actors. Live Feeds from all allegedly invaded cities have showed zero proof of anything going on. Nothing more than a few false flag attacks done by their own military and some crisis actors.

However, the illusion of war is important for their Agenda 2030, to make the costs of living skyrocketing. I’ve covered that here:

Now, for this silly Q’tard Bio Weapons hoax, that I covered earlier here, it is a brilliant strategy to fool those who are diet woke and easily manipulated. If they make out biowarfare as something real and extremely dangerous with lab-made viruses worse than Ebola, the current staged and fake coronavirus pandemic will seem trivial in comparison. It will make it easier for them to get people to accept and live with this fake pandemic forever and to take the maiming and sterilizing vaccines. Because, after all, it could have been so much worse with these bio-weapons of mass destruction – where you would die bleeding out your ass or worse.

Seriously folks, if this “Live Event” actually will happen, this tactic is a classic, and I bet the retarded Trump and Putin followers will swallow it all, hook, line and sinker.

And sorry, I haven’t really had time to look into the coding on this stupid story. I only took a quick glance. And sure enough, the Freemasonic 47 shines as bright as ever.

On ‘Truth Social’ they will talk about ‘Bio Weapons’ in ‘Ukraine’ on ‘March 18.’

Truth Social  = 47
Bio Weapons = 47
Ukraine = 47
March 18 = 47

TruthSocialAppOfficial = 322, as in Order 322, Skull & Bones Freemasonry out of Yales. Trump and his buddies are members.

If I get time, I will update this. But in all honesty, it should not be needed. That it is all just staged theatre should be as obvious as it can get.

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