No, Russia is Not Invading Ukraine to Free Them of the “Deep State”

And the Q’tards and the Trump:ets are flooding social media once again with the most retarded of ideas – that Putin is a superhero that has attacked Ukraine to help the people to get rid of the notorious “Deep State.”
And also a big no, there were no “biolabs” developing “viruses” that were blown up. That is even more retarded. Viruses does not exist and the explosions were nothing more than expensive fireworks. Get a grip!

For the last frikkin’ time – they are ALL following the script of their masters. It is all theatre! The puppets and actors playing presidents all went to the same Jesuit and Freemasonic schools; they are all friends and simply play along in all the scripted events and rituals. Nothing more, nothing less.
In 1992, the Jesuit Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum) established a parallel institution, the ‘Global Leaders for Tomorrow’ school, which was re-established as ‘Young Global Leaders’ in 2004. This ‘school’ is about brainwashing and ‘educating’ puppets for Rome and the Jesuits, puppets that can be placed on the world stage following their script as faces to the ignorant masses.
Members of the first class in 1992 included Angela Merkle, Nicolas Sarkozy, And Tony Blair. Other notable names on their roster include Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand,) Emmanuel Marcon (President of France,) Sebastian Kurz (former Chancellor of Austria,) Viktor Orbán (Prime Minister of Hungary,) Jean-Claude Juncker (former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President of the European Commission,) and Annalena Baerbock (leader of the German Greens.)
Other associates include Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson, and the Clinton Foundation’s Chelsea Clinton. And of course, both Vladimir Putin and comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Yes, there has been some fabricated and staged explosions as I mentioned. Just theatrics. And the media is flooding with pictures of crisis actors with silly bandages and fake prop tanks – including videos and images of archive footage, not even relevant to this fabricated and staged war.

Also, isn’t the military strategy simply genius? I mean, they have announced and advertised this staged war in the media for over a month now, building it up since the start of the Olympic Games. If this actually was real and you would annex the land close to you, wouldn’t you do it when everyone least expects it? Do it very quickly and unsuspecting. Wouldn’t you use some kind of surprise element in your military tactic?
Well, of course not. Because it’s theater and distraction. The world is a stage.

As this silly image, that sums it all up:

The theatrics of war. Bored journalist with tongue out and a fake prop tank in the background.

Or this one. It’s so dangerous the reporter is wearing a bulletproof vest and a helmet, all while some tourists are taking pictures with their phone in the background. Come on people, everything is staged! There is no war!

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And if you want to discuss and learn more, learn to see through all these psy-ops, disinformation agents, shills, and controlled opposition – please join us at our uncensored online community, Ungovernable.

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