The Damar Hamlin Freemasonic Induction Ritual in the Year of Skull and Bones — Updated

Ok, I’ve been holding off a few days with this one, because I had a feeling it would blow up as it was one of the easiest spotted rituals in a long time. Still, a lot of people, including baby-truthers thought it real and some even blamed the magic potion, the poke, the clot shot.
Jeez, when will some of you ever learn? If something gets a lot of attention; that is what they want, that is by their intention. Nothing goes viral unless they want it to – especially when they have a bogus fundraiser up and running within hours. If it’s one of their big rituals that have been planned for a long time, they really want you to witness it!
And no matter what the actors and fake doctor’s post on Twitter or any social media about them taking the clot shot or about their medical status, it’s all deception, all part of the lie, all part of the gas lightning and the infodemic agenda, the mind virus.
While most low-ranked players will get the magic potion, and many of them will collapse and even die — those at the top, those in the club and those used in rituals will not. They are either in the know or tightly managed by their handlers/managers.

As for this article, I will only touch on the most important stuff and explain the ritual in broad terms, as my time is limited. For deeper decodes of every single step of this story, links will be provided at the end.

As this ritual took place on Monday Night Football, we saw all the players and coaches kneeling except for the one player wearing the number 33; the Freemasonic Highest Degree and Master Teacher Number. He stood up like the Master, the Shepherd of his flock. His name was ‘Neal,’ but he did not ‘kneel’ like the others. Hamlin on the other hand wear number 3, like a baby Mason, missing a ‘3’ and waiting to be whole. It was his ritual, his induction, and he collapsed during the game; as in ending this part of his former ‘life’ of unawareness and ignorance. That is how a Freemasonic induction works. You strip down of all your belongings, your older-self is killed, and you are reborn.

And it’s no coincidence that on January 5, after 3 days of unconsciousness, the media reports that he woke up at the hospital and opened his eyes. Player number 3 woke up after 3 days, like 33, reborn, ready for his new life. Same story as with Jesus who died at 33-years-old and resurrected on the third day. All scripted and acted of course, like they always do it.

So, we had Hamlin who collapsed during Monday Night football (MNF) in a Masonic ritual which caused games to be postponed.

Hamlin = 33
Collapsed = 33
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33
Order = 33
MNF = 33
Postpone = 33

And it was perfectly scripted as they stopped the clock at exactly 5:58. The fifth minute because ‘five’ is ‘66’ in reverse gematria, the shorthand code for Number of the Beast, and all their rituals are Satanic in nature. And remember the ring-leader, Mr. ‘Neal’ who did not kneel? His name sums to ‘66’ in several ciphers and reverse to ’22,’ the Master Builder Number.
Also, his full name ‘Damar Hamlin’ is a double match to the word ‘Antichrist,’ making him very suitable for a ritual on the world stage. And they stopped it at the 58th second, because Freemasonry and Secret Society sums to 58, and that was the core of the ritual – welcoming Hamlin to the secret society of Freemasonry.
And, of course, put together, ‘558’ is Saturn in English Sumerian, their Sun God.

After the staged and fake collapse, the media reported on the “condition” of ‘Commotio Cordis, which of course, is shortened as ‘CC,’ or ’33,’ as C is the third letter. Also, ‘commotio cordis’ reverse into ’81,’ just as Hamlin collapsed 81-days before his birthday. Also, ‘Masons,’ ‘Ritual,’ and the team he plays for, ‘Bills,’ sums to 81.
The day after the ‘commotio cordis’ report, media reported that he remained in ‘Critical Condition.” Yeah, you get the idea… 33’s every single day, in every single Hamlin story.

And as I wrote several times in 2022, and on January 1st — 2023 is the year of Order 322, of Skull and Bones Freemasonry. And last year, we had the big ritual of the “collapse” of the Georgia Guidestones after a staged explosion. Since then, we have seen many players of the ‘bread and circuses’ entertainment system collapse in such manner. All symbolically connected. Damar Hamlin was one of them, and his ritual kicked off the new year of 2023, the year written as 223, or 322 in reverse, as in Order 322, Skull and Bones.

As for Hamlin, he faked his collapse 181-days after the Georgia Guidestones collapsed. And as we know, in their reenactment of Revelation, Barack Obama plays the role of the Antichrist. And yes, Barack Obama is 181 in the very important Jewish cipher and his full name of Barack Hussein Obama II sums to 181 in the simple English cipher.

And as you know, in Revelation 13, The Beast, as decoded in the time when they stopped the clock, ruled for 42 months. Well, 181 is the 42nd prime number, making that part of the ritual come full circle, and again, they manage to insert their Antichrist Barack Obama.

Now, there is so much more to this ritual and all the connections. However, this is the core of it. If you consider yourself enlighten and “awake,” you need to start paying attention to all these rituals. While regular people are dying left and right from the poke, none of these stories in the media are poke-related. They are all rituals and if you try to use them as evidence for your crusade against the maiming and deadly magic potion, all you will do is fueling the mind virus, the infodemic and the looming internet quarantine.


On January 7, player number 3, who woke up after 3 days, tweets of 3x, mentioning ‘3’ twice, as in 33.
Posted 5:14 as in 55. Satan = 55
Of course, 5:14, as in Matthew 5:14, is part of the sermon on the mount. “Ye are the light of the world.”
And you know who Hamlin refers to… Satan, aka, The ‘Lightbringer’…
Also, it was posted on January 7, as in1/7, like 17. And it’s exactly 17 weeks since he changed his shirt number to 3…
Mason = 17

For even more undeniable proof of this ritual and all its stages, check the videos and articles below.

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