Watermelon Smashing Gallagher Dead on the Release of Black Panther 2 – And Voice of Batman, Conroy, Dead at ‘66’

Something is up. There have been more “celeb” deaths in the past weeks than in a very long time, and as always, all of them by the numbers. Actually, there are currently so many “dying” (or retiring,) that CNN have started a new column on their website called ‘People we’ve lost.’

Since my last article about this on November 10, where we had three musicians die within a day of each other, we now have some more entertainers lining up.

Let’s start with comedian Gallagher, best known for his watermelon-smashing comedy routine and many popular specials in the 1980s, who allegedly died on November 11. He was 76. Note that ALL media outlets are keen on mentioning the watermelon smashing, especially in the headlines, which means that it is important, that it is code! Sure, that was his gimmick. However, he allegedly died on November 11, the same day as the release of the very shitty movie “Black Panther 2,” aka., “Black Panther, Wakanda Forever.” Yes, that’s their racism at play again. Think of black people and watermelons. That Gallagher, a comedian known for smashing watermelons died on the same day as the release of a movie starring mostly people of color is hardly an accident. That was scripted to mock the sleeping masses.
And don’t get me started on the liberal-propaganda ‘woke’ satanic coded Black Panther, playing at skin color and division when there in reality is only people – humans.

Note that Gallagher’s website is called ‘gallaghersmash.com’ and that he died at 76-years old while they are mocking the ‘slaves’ for the release of Black Panther 2.

gallaghersmash = 76
Negro = 76
Slave = 76

Obviously, a lot of racist mockery woven into this death ritual.

Gallagher was born on July 24, 1946, and died on November 11, which means that he died on his 111th day of his age. 111 represents the closed gate, and it fits perfectly with the script and racism involving Black Panther.

Black Panther = 111
Black Panther, Wakanda Forever = 111, 111
Racism Ritual = 111

He died on November 11, the day with 50-days remaining in the year, the same day as the release of Black Panther 2.

Black Panther 2 = 50, 50
Jesuits = 50, 50

He died in Palm Springs, CA, which fits the narrative perfectly.

Palm Springs = 144, 54, 864
Racism Ritual = 144, 54, 864
Jesuit Order = 144, 54, 864
Wakanda Forever = 144, 864
Watermelon = 144, 54, 864

And Gallagher was a comedian and died on a date with 44-date numerology.
11/11/22 = 11+11+22 = 44

Comedian = 44, 44
Gallagher = 44, 44
Black People = 44, 44
Black Panther 2 = 44

I could go on for hours with this ritual if I only had the time and energy. Fortunately, my friend Joseph Acquaviva just made an excellent decode on this ritual. Check it below:

And before I go, we also had the alleged death of Kevin Conroy, the longtime voice actor of Batman, who, of course, died at the age of ’66,’ on November 10.

While November 11 has a lot of ones in it, which we decoded above with ‘111,’ November 10 can also be written as 10/11 where the zeroes hold no value, so it simply becomes ‘111.’ And on November 10, there where 51-days remaining in the year. Thus, we have 111 and 51.

Batman = 111, 51
Voice Actor = 111

Kevin, the ‘Batman voice,’ died at 66, which represents the ‘Number of the Beast.’

Batman Voice = 66
Number of the Beast = 66

And, according to Revelation, the Number of the Beast is ‘666.’

Voice Actor = 666
Batman = 666

For more, check Joseph’s video below:

And that reminds me of another Satanic Ritual that took place on Thursday, November 10, when the construction at the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago was halted due to workers finding a ‘noose.’

Thursday = 35
Baphomet = 35
Chicago = 35
Satan = 35

Noose = 68
Barack Obama = 68
Antichrist = 68

That happened exactly 3 months and 7 days, as in 37, after Obama’s birthday.

Chicago = 37

Or, 14 weeks on the day.

Obama = 14

And yes, Joseph covered that one too! Check it here:

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