Black History Month Racism Ritual: O.J. Simpson Allegedly Has Prostate Cancer

Again, we see “celebrities” announcing that they have cancer, only days after King Charles III, as a conditioning tool to deceive the pleb into believing that even the “rich and famous” get the “disease.” Also, there is buzz about “vaccines” against cancer, which is utter mockery and another way to poison more stupid people.
In reality, cancer is not a disease, it is simply a defense mechanism of the body; either shielding you from a long overexposure of toxins or carbohydrates, or both. I covered cancer in my article “My Take on Cancer, Prevention, and Healing.”

If you weren’t around in the ‘90’s, O.J. Simpson was an actor and former NFL player, and used to be called the “Juice” – as he later made the headlines in 1994 as “Juice on the Loose” after fleeing the staged and fake murder scene of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and his fake “car chase” was broadcasted live on TV as entertainment for the gullible sleeping masses.

“O.J.” is short for Orenthal James, but it also refers to his Masonic nickname of “Orange Juice,” two words that both represents Freemasonry as they both reduce to the Freemasonic number of ‘33’ in gematria. Also, the color orange is used in many psy-ops and as a reference to the Freemasons. That is why we also had the release of Pulp Fiction in 1994, a movie filled with orange ‘33’ symbolism.

Orange = 33
Juice = 33
James = 33 (his middle-name)

While O.J. was found not guilty after a symbolic Freemasonic 11 months of televised theatre in October of 1995, he was later arrested in Las Vegas in 2007 after a robbery. He was imprisoned on December 5, 2008, and sentenced to ‘33’ years in prison.
However, he was released on October 1, 2017, and fully released from parole in December of 2021.

In short, O.J. was a controlled media actor used for the media farce of the 90’s, used to cause racial tension and division.

So, it comes as no surprise that the now 76-year-old actor has the silly and fake diagnose of “prostate cancer,” as ‘prostate’ reduces to ‘33’ just as his nicknames. Of course, he is denying that he is going to the “hospice,” which the media is very keen on pointing out several times. Of course, ‘hospice’ reduces to ‘33’ as well. All code, all mocking.

(Reads as the ‘Juice’ in the Hospice)

Prostate = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33
Orange = 33
Juice = 33
Hospice = 33

Keep in mind that we are in February, which is “Black History Month” in the United States. That means that we have an upswing of ‘black’ people in the news, all featured in their pathetic racist rituals, and this one is no different.

Remember, O.J. is synonymous with Orange Juice, with the color orange of the Freemasons and he now has “prostate cancer” announced during the racist slavery ritual of ‘Black History Month,’ which was recognized by president Gerald Ford on February 10, 1976. February 10 can be written as the 10th of February, like 10/2, or 102. Also, as part of the script, he is denying that he’s receiving ‘hospice care.’

February 10 = 10th of February = 10/2 = 102

Prostate = 102
Orange = 102
Nigger = 102
Slavery = 102
Hospice Care = 102
The Freemasonic Order = 102

And on that note, it comes as no surprise that this was made-up when he recently turned 76-years old. Another number associated with racism rituals.

Negro = 76
Slave = 76
Blues = 76
Rasta = 76

O.J. was born on July 9, and this story trended on February 9, exactly 151 days before his birthday. 151 is the 36th prime number, and this story is all about the Freemason called ‘The Juice.’

And counting from his last birthday, it was a span of 30 weeks and 6 days, as in 36.

The Juice = 36, 36
Masons = 36, 36

Of course, ‘prostate cancer’ goes very well with Freemasonry.

Prostate Cancer = 158, 59, 948
Freemasonry = 158, 59, 948

If you are interested in more of the Black History Month racism rituals, Zach over at Gematria Effect News has been covering several of them.

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