In the Year of Green: Sprite Will No Longer be Sold in Green Bottles

The Coca-Cola Company said Wednesday it’s changing the packaging of Sprite from green to clear plastic beginning August 1 as part to become more ‘environmentally responsible.’
Well, if you think this has anything to do with the environment, then you are very naïve. This is a clear masonic ritual and part of the silly green agenda that has been accelerating this year.

Remember the importance of the number ‘333’ in Masonic lore? I covered that in my article about Freemason Vince McMahon retiring from WWE.

July 22, the Day of Freemasonic Ritual Retirements – Vince McMahon and Volkswagen CEO

In Masonic lore, the compasses in their logo signifies the motto, “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds.” Using Reverse Reduction Gematria, this motto sums to 333, same as Coca-Cola sums to ‘333’ in the Satanic cipher. And, of course, ‘Coca-Cola Company,’ can be shortened to ‘CCC,’ and C being the third letter, that is the same as ‘333.’

Also, do not forget that Coca-Cola announced its initiative called “World Without Waste” in 2018. That is shortened as ‘WWW,’ or  when flipped counter-clockwise, ‘333.’ Also note that the end date is 2030, as in Agenda 2030 and their “sustainability” slogan.

As you can see, Coca-Cola is a very Freemasonic and utterly evil company, which of course is required to succeed. And that bring us to their toxic soft drink named ‘Sprite,’ and the citation that they change the bottle to be “environmentally responsible.”

Circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds = 333
Environmentally Responsible = 333
Coca-Cola = 333
Coca-Cola Company = CCC = 333

Within the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the highest rank is the 33rd degree. 33 is very important as it’s the Master Teacher Number. It’s the number that is most associated with Freemasonry and it’s used as their ‘Calling Card,’ which is fitting as ‘Calling Card’ is shortened to ‘CC,’ or 33.
And of course, Coca-Cola is ‘CC’ or ’33.’

Note that the company that is advising Coca-Cola about being ‘environmentally responsible’ is called ‘R3cycle,’ with one of the ‘e’ flipped as a ‘3.’ The reason for this branding is of course all in the numbers, to show their allegiance to the Freemasons.

R3cycle = 33 (if spelled ‘recycle’ that would sum to 35)  

Of course, this fits with the soft drink in question.

Sprite = 33, 42, 39
Masonry = 33, 42, 39 (as in Freemasonry)

Note that they claim there has been no changes in 60-years, that this is about ‘recycling,’ and that the CEO of ‘R3cycle’ is ‘Julian Ochoa.’

60-years = 33
Recycling = 33
Julian Ochoa = 33 (such a fitting name for being CEO of a ‘recycling’ company)

Do you see a pattern here? A very Freemasonic pattern?

Also, this was news on July 27, a date with 22-date numerology. 22, like the Freemason’s Master Builder Number.
7/27/2022 = 7 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 22

And it also comes with a 76-date numerology.
7/27/2022 = 7 + 27 + 20 + 22 = 76

Coca-Cola Company = 76
World Without Waste = 76
The Freemasons = 76
Masons = 76

Actually, there is more hidden riddles in the July 27 date. The 27th of July can be written as 27/7, like 277. 277 is the 59th prime number.

Coca-Cola Company = 59, 59
Environment = 59, 59
Green = 59, 59
Freemasonry = 59, 59

Could you pick a better and more cryptic occult date for a Green Freemasonic ritual involving the Coca-Cola Company and the environment?
I think not!

Learn gematria and numerology and see through all the lies, deceit and rituals.

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