Alleged “Serial Killer” Arrested as Netflix’s Shit-Show ‘Dahmer’ Has Been Programming the Sheeple

And the circle of scripts continues. In the 80’s and early 90’s we had ‘serial killers’ roaming the news and tv-shows to keep people in fear and suspicious of each other. Then that script was changed in the early 90’s to terrorists who liked to hijack and blow-up things, especially towers. Once that script had run its course with new surveillance laws in place, they turned to school- and mass-shootings. And now, lo and behold, after a 30 years break, we have ‘serial killers’ again – and of course, only a few weeks after the horrible shit-show ‘Dahmer’ premiered on Netflix.

And, if you didn’t know, Jeffrey Dahmer who allegedly killed seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991, and was said to have had a pause of 11 years, before he suddenly killed 8 people in the first 7 months of 1991, just got sloppy with number 18 (6+6+6=18,) and got caught, was of course a staged fake Masonic ritual. He was an actor playing a role for their sick games of programming the masses. Heck, his full name, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, sums to ‘322,’ as in Order 322, aka., Skull and Bones Freemasonry. It was all a hoax. It never happened. And Netflix cashed in on the boogeyman story with the worst adaptation in years.

Derek covered some of that here:

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As for this story, all you really need is to look at is the alleged serial killer’s name, a man of color called ‘Wesley Brownlee.’ Such mockery. He is black, that is, brown in color, and they call him ‘Brown-lee,’ with the double ‘ee’ as in the Freemasonic ’33,’ the highest degree within Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and their popular ‘hoax code.’

Mr. Brown-lee was allegedly arrested on early Saturday, October 15, which just happen to be exactly 3-weeks and 3-days, as in 33, after the premiere of Netflix’s ‘Dahmer.’

Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33
Hoax Code = 33

Also note that October 15 came with a very Freemasonic 47-date numerology (10+15+22,) as in the 47-degrees on their compass. Of course, ‘Dahmer’ is 47 in the Jewish cipher. And in the same cipher, ‘Stockton, California’ sums to 77, as there were 77-days remaining in the year on October 15.

They claim Brown-lee is 43-years-old and that he was ‘out hunting’ when they caught him.

Freemasons = 43, 43
Freemasonry = 43
The Illuminati = 43
Out Hunting = 43

They say that they believe ‘five homicides,’ spanning 82-days between July 8 and September 27, are related to this Brown-lee.

Five Homicides = 82, 82

And October 15 had a 31-date numerology, which ties in with the racist motive of this fabricated story and the mocking with ‘Brown-lee.’
10/15/2022 = (10) + (15) + 2+0+2+2 = 31

Dahmer = 31, 31 (what inspired this ritual)
Netflix = 31 (the programming tool of this script/ritual)
Serial Killer = 31 (what it is about)
Slave = 31 (used for rituals with people of color)
Blues = 31 (used for rituals with people of color)
Stockton = 31 (where he allegedly was active and caught)
California = 31 (where he allegedly was active and caught)

Also, his full name just happens to reduce to ’66,’ same as the Number of the Beast.

Wesley Brownlee = 66
Number of the Beast = 66

It’s also 69…

Wesley Brownlee = 69
Jeffrey Dahmer = 69
Dahmer = 69
Blues = 69 (used for rituals with people of color)
Negro = 69 (used for rituals with people of color)
Catholic Church = 69 (home of the Jesuit Order)
The Jesuit Order = 69 (the order above the Freemasons)

Also, Jeffrey Dahmer allegedly died by homicide on November 28, 1994. This “serial killer” story on October 15 came 1 month and 13 days, as in 113, before the anniversary of his death. 113 is the number for dishonesty, for ‘bullshit.’

The Number for Dishonesty = 113
Dishonest = 113
Not True = 113
Not Factual = 113
Bullshit = 113
Not Honest = 113
Fiction = 113

This is only scratching the surface of this staged and totally fake story. I bet that other decoders will be all over this, exposing the lies by the Freemasonic police and the “news.” I’ll update this article when I get something good sent to me. As for now, my time is up and it’s time to enjoy this Sunday.

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