Trending: Covid-19 Vaccine Classified as Schedule 4 Poison in Australia — What it Actually Means

Recently, a few websites, and repeated posts on social media, showed a screenshot snippet of a document dated to March 2021, from Jacinda de Witts, Acting Secretary to the Department of Health in Australia, stating that ‘Covid-19 Vaccine is a Schedule 4 Poison.’

For many, this was ‘proof’ that vaccines are poison and very harmful. However, that is not the whole story…

And no, the document is not ‘leaked.’ You can find that document here:

Now, this ‘classification’ as schedule 4 is no surprise as they have a federal register of legislation of ‘poison standards’ where they list and order pretty much any chemical, medicine, drug, and even fake synthetic supplements on a ‘poisonous scale’ from 1 to 10, starting at ‘2.’

You can find their list here:

Schedule level 2 is simply ‘Pharmacy Medicine’ that you can buy over the counter that is deemed safe. Here we find some of the ‘lesser’ toxic substances when used in very low doses or in medium doses but with very few tablets or capsules per pack. For example, aspirin in a primary pack of not more than 25 tablets or capsules, each containing 325 mg or less of aspirin, or in a primary pack of not more than 16 tablets or capsules, each containing 500 mg or less of aspirin. In other words, it has nothing to do about the long-term toxicity or that it is very dangerous and will hurt your body, it’s about the total amount in mg per package. They try to make sure that overdosing on one package will not outright kill you on the spot, as that would be bad for business.

Schedule 3 is medicine only available at a pharmacy and that requires “professional” advice but requires no prescription.

Now, at level 4, we have ‘prescription only medicine,’ or ‘prescription animal substances.’ Here we find some antibiotics (extremely bad for you) and aspirin shows up again, now as an injectable or when combined with caffeine, paracetamol or salicylamide or any derivative of these substances.
And, of course, we find ‘SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccine’ as stated in this category.
Now, we know that the real vaccine is extremely dangerous, as it sterilizes, maims, and kills. Millions of people have died after being vaccinated and I still hear stories almost daily, especially from people working at hospitals.
However, this classification is due to the few known substances that are listed in the vaccine and the fact that it has to be administered by qualified personnel – it’s not sold at a pharmacy for self-administration. Therefore, it has to be a ‘schedule 4.’

So, sorry, this classification is not something sensational. It’s not the same thing as saying that the vaccine is a poison because it’s on a list  called ‘poison standards’ – although it is a poison, and a very dangerous and deadly one at that. It’s simply a classification as govern by law. They have to classify the vaccine, its content and method of administration, according to the standards they have put up themselves.

Actually, according to their own poison standards, it’s not until ‘schedule 5’ that substances have a ‘low potential’ of doing harm. Or so they tell you. These are lies of course, but we have to go by what they write if we try to catch them in a lie. And this time, many jumped the gun from a quote in a paper without checking what it actually means, what ‘schedule 4’ actually is. So, yes, once again they covered their backs.

However, what you should be thinking about is that every single pharmaceutical is on that list – a list they call ‘poison’ standards. They are outright telling you that it is all poison!

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