Sweetener Allegedly Linked to ‘Blood Clotting,’ Heart Attack and Stroke – And What is Actually Making People Sick

Erythritol, an ‘organic’ four-carbon sugar alcohol (polyol) used as a food additive and sugar substitute – mostly to add bulk or sweeten stevia, monk fruit and keto reduced-sugar products – has allegedly been linked to blood clotting, stroke, heart attack and death, according to a new study that has trended in the media for the last two days.

Does these “side-effects” sound familiar? Yeah, even more nonsense to cover up the effects of a specific vaccine that was pushed on to the unexpected and dumbed down masses during the biggest psy-op and staged plan-demic in history. However, there is much more to this as the vaccines are only a tiny part of it, but first, let’s make a little recap…

So, let’s see… the media have now warned us about the ‘winter’ causing blood clots and strokes, extreme cold and hot weather causing blood clots and stroke, that dehydration could cause blood clotting, unvaccinated having an increased risk for blood clots (lol!), imaginary long covid causing blood clots, napping increasing the risk of stroke, eggs causing blood clots (later debunked, but not redacted,) diet drinks causing blood clots, energy drinks causing blood clots, and on it goes with whatever you could come up with, including the fact that they have tried to normalize blood clotting and strokes in young people, even children!

What does all of these have in common, except for being complete bullshit? None of these claims were observed before 2021, before the covid-19 vaccines. Blood clotting, strokes and heart attacks in middle-aged or young people was unheard of! Not to mention the “died suddenly.” And if hot or cold weather, or dehydration caused it, we would have had “blood clotting epidemics” and “stroke-mania” since the dawn of time. It’s all so embarrassingly stupid.

Although some people who actually got the vaccine and not saline water have had some really nasty side-effects, including death, a lot of these stories blaming anything for blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks are simply fear propaganda and conditioning. It’s about making you believe that anything can make you sick and kill you, and that the only one who can save you is Big Pharma and the utterly corrupt and deadly “health care” system.

They have known for ages that people will become more and more sick due to abysmal nutritional habits, toxic lifestyles and stress. So, convincing people that anything but these obvious things are causing their problems is their priority, and that is exactly what this is all about. While the vaccines have tributed to blood clotting and this showing up in younger ages, in the big picture, vaccines are only a tiny little part of it all. And they will soon focus on other health problems and connect them to some other complete bullshit. In other words, the big real-life elephant in the room is modern processed food, the modern lifestyle, all the drugs and chemicals, and all the stress and emotional warfare from the media, the news, and the tell-a-lie-vision. These things are what is making the big majority of the sleeping masses sick and killing them long before dying of old age would.

With that said, is there any truth to sweeteners and other food additives actually causing blood clots and other cardiovascular problems? Many of them for sure. Although small amounts of an organic four-carbon sugar alcohol like erythritol could hardly cause these problems in the average person, most added “food” chemicals are inherently toxic and will do harm in the long run. And keep in mind that the average person does not only get one of these into their system, they get hundreds of them. It does not take a genius to understand that the toxicity builds up over time. And something that is especially harmful to the cardiovascular system is the combination of carbohydrates, as in sugars, and vegetable (seed) oils.

And that is why you should never consume any kind of processed garbage. If it comes with an ‘nutrition facts’ label showing more than a couple of naturally occurring ingredients, the thing belongs in the bin. Do not eat it.

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