Remember this post from September 8? When Sweden Removed Corona Restrictions as a Setup for This Winter?

Yes, On September 8, I wrote the following as a conclusion:

“So, to conclude, as winter approaches, people will get symptoms from detoxing, and they will blame it on the virus – and more likely a new variant, something more “contagious” than Delta. Some of the vaccinated will likely get really sick and some will die (as many already have), and they will blame it on a virus variant and the unvaccinated. And it would not surprise me if even more totalitarian restrictions will be in place in early 2022 – and by then, every brainwashed little bleating sheep will blame the unvaccinated. It’s the perfect setup for peer pressure and division among the population. If they do another lockdown after re-opening and blame it on the unvaccinated, that could mean a civil war and them trying to make vaccinations mandatory. Divide and conquer.”

That full post is found here.

And where are we now? Yes, a new variant ads in “Omicron,” new lockdowns, and the threat of mandatory vaccinations.

Sweden fake authorities are again talking about idiotic face diapers, work from home, restrictions, vaccination passports and even mandatory vaccinations. We who can see have warned about this fake pandemic from the start, and we have been right every step of the way. It’s time for the rest of you to wake up and say NO! This will never end before the people rise up – and not before we expose the lie about non-existing viruses and the lie about transmittable diseases.

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