Whoopie Goldberg Goes Full ‘Woketard’ After Second Fake CONvid 1984 Diagnosis

As I’ve hinted several times, this ‘Coronavirus’ Psy-Op Theatre is far from over, we’re only in between the acts, and they remind us of this almost daily. Too see how absurd and disgusting this story is, let’s take a few steps back in time and humor the pseudo-science of fraudulent virology.

Let’s for a second pretend that there are invisible boogeymen called ‘viruses,’ although they never been isolated or proven to exist – still they miraculously break loose from snot and what not to float in the air only to eagerly entering your unsuspecting crevices. And once they enter your body, although they are completely dead particles without any self-generated, self-sustaining, or self-replicating abilities, they sneakily enter living cells, turning them into fierce rebels and then replicate giving you the sniffles and possible fever. Yeah, sounds like a low-rated sci-fi flick, but that is what the sleeping masses believe.

And once Rockefeller and his pseudo-science of “modern medicine” had coerced and replaced the former health-practitioners community, they invented ‘vaccines’ to combat these dead but very sneaky things. The premise was that they somehow “isolated” the virus (which they never have done) and then let it replicate in cell tissue so they had just enough to inject into poor humans to make the imagined “immune system” aware of these pesky virus particles, which meant that your body was now ‘trained’ to fight it if ever exposed and hence you would be pretty much immune. Well, that was how their pseudo-science was said to work for a hundred years or so, until CONvid 1984 – then they just rewrote the script and the sleeping masses didn’t even bat an eye!

Well, at the start of the fake and staged plandemic they said that everyone should take the shot so they wouldn’t become sick and that they wouldn’t pass it on to others. You know, “flatten the curve.” Well, as those people who got the real vaccine, and not the saline water, got sick, and some severely so and even died from it; they blamed it on CONvid-1984 and said that even if you’re vaccinated you could still get sick and pass it on, but you would not get severely sick, just a little bit sick…
Then they started with boosters, because for some reason, this vaccine wore off rather quickly. That is, the “protection” that didn’t actually protect you from getting sick or transferring it to others wore off after a few months, so you needed to boost that incredible “protection” by injecting even more dangerous chemicals into your body. Makes sense, right? And lo and behold, the sheep lined up once again. Actually, many of them lined up for several boosters all while the news reported of celebs getting the ‘rona after being boosted twice, thrice, or even four times. Still, the sheep marched on. Incredible!

And that brings us to the woketards’ heroine Whoopie Goldberg, who in reality, is a very repulsive, despicable, no-good puppet actor on the world stage. On November 23rd, she delivered an over-the-top performance as she burst out in defence of another villainous puppet, Anthony Fauci, shouting, “this will kill you!” as she allegedly just had recovered from another very tough bout of the fake CONvid-1984.

And now for the kicker, her co-host, Joy Behar, said the reason CONvid-1994 did not kill Goldberg, who tested positive for the “virus” last week for a second time, was because she was boosted. “If you are not boosted, you could die. That’s the point,” Behar said.

Ok, let’s get this right. Not only was she fully vaccinated and boosted, but she got the alleged fantasy virus a second time, and this time it was so severe that she almost died? Right.

So, we have gone from vaccines giving alleged immunity, keeping you from getting sick to just making the illness less severe, to now letting you get sick and miserable as hell, but hopefully you will not die? This is hilarious. At this stage, anyone with just a little speck of common sense should see that viruses and vaccines are nothing more than a big frikkin’ scam, an evil sinister joke played upon humankind.

And yes, this was of course all theatre and done by the numbers. Whoopie is an actress, a useful idiot. And they know that viruses do not exist, but they also know that more and more doses of the vaccines will be the real deal, making people severely ill and even kill them, which is part of the agenda. So, this is conditioning, slowly changing the narrative, from immunity to saving you from dying, and most of the sleeping masses simple follows along. It’s truly amazing and at the same time very frightening to see the mass hypnosis in action.

So, to those who can see, do not let your guard down. This is far from over and we need to continue to try our best to wake people up from their slumber. A lot of the vaccine shots are still saline water and underdosed poison. A lot of people can still be saved from serious harm. And not only that, we need people to wake up to the mother lie, that viruses do not exist. That is one of the most important things to put the light on. As long as the majority believe in that lie, they can continue with pandemic warfare and their Agenda 2030.

As for the ritual behind Whoopie’s outburst, check Joseph’s excellent decode below.

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