Salt Water Shots for Everyone!

The Salt Water Vaccine Scam that was hinted about in Sweden reaches India

In early summer the headlines in Sweden read as, “hundreds of people might have got injected with salt water instead of the vaccine.” Many of us suspected that this was simply a Revelation of the Method. That a lot of vaccine vials actually contain salt water, to keep the death rates among the weak and elderly from reaching alarming rates and scaring people off from taking the depopulation vaccine. It seems that 70% up to about 85% of all vaccine vials are simply salt water or really “underdosed”, while the remaining 15% is the real depopulation vaccine. And remember, the real injuries from these death jabs will show themselves after one to three years, as the toxins build-up and attack the organs, as shown in many reports and previous animal trials. However, we will se increasing death rates as people take their second and third shot, and so on, as more and more people will get the “real vaccine” – you can only dodge the bullet so many times…

So, after this little revelation in Sweden, they now made up a story in India. Yes, they really like to bully India. Blaming the fake “Delta variant” on India. Sloppy vaccination rates and making up stories about people dying while showing pictures from a gas leak that happened in 2020. Yes, the mainstream media lies about everything! So, this story is just more of the same. For those able to still think, this is a Revelation of the Method. For those dumbed down and brainwashed, well, their silence and ignorance are perceived as consenting.

Okay then, let’s take a quick look at this story, using the ancient practice of Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

Story broke on July 5, a day with ‘57’ numerology perfect for vaccine stories.
7/5 = 5/7 = 57
Vaccine: 57
United Nations: 57
World Fooled: 57

The date can also be written as: 7/5/20/21 = 7+5+20+21 = 53
Covid: 53
Deceive: 53

Headline reads:
“Thousands thought they were getting the Covid vaccine. They were injected with salt water instead”

And the article starts with:

“Thousands of people have fallen prey to an elaborate wide-ranging scam selling fake coronavirus vaccines in India.” The senior official being quoted is allegedly named Vishar Thakur.

Have Fallen Pray: 150, 75
Vishar Thakur: 150, 75, 51, 93
Fallen Pray: 51, 93

Elaborate Scam: 119
Salt Water: 119
Vatican: 119

That’s why the used the odd phrase “fallen pray”, as it’s a very good match with Vishar Thakur. And what did they fall pray for? Yes, an ‘elaborate scam’ involving ‘salt water’.

“They were using saline water and injecting it”
“At least 12 fake vaccination drives were held in or near the financial hub Mumbai”
“So far, 14 people have been arrested”

Saline Water: 170
12 fake vaccination drives: 170
14 people arrested: 170

Story broke on July 5 = 7/5/2021 = 7+5+2+0+2+1 = 17
Remember, in Gematria you remove zeroes. So, the above matches of 170 also reads as 17 and matches the numerology of July 5.

“An estimated 2,500 people were given fake shots”, Thakur said.

Fake Shot: 59
Mumbai: 59

12 Fake: 26
14 People: 26

2,500 = 25
Thakur: 25

And Thousands of people, as stated in the headlines, were actually 2,500 people. Go figure…

Thousands of People: 76
2,500 people: 76

So clever!

And also…

Thousands: 31, 50, 59
Fake Shot: 31, 50, 59

Three out of four ciphers. That’s why they stuck with “thousands” in the headline.

“earning up to $28,000 in total”

28,000 = 28
India: 28
2,500 people: 28

So, they made $28,000? From what? Oh yes, fake vaccines…

Twenty-eight thousand: 87, 93
Coronavirus vaccines: 87
Vishal Thakur: 93

Twenty-eight thousand Dollars: 138, 174
Coronavirus vaccines: 138
Vishal Thakur: 174

Interesting connections.

The article was supposedly written by an “Swati Gupta”, very appropriate indeed.

Swati Gupta: 61, 61, 70
Salt Water: 61, 61
Coronavirus: 70

This was just a quick look. But the narrative is clear. It doesn’t matter if they staged this scam and coded it to fit the script or if it’s all made up by the Jesuits running the media. The message is clear. Salt water is being used world-wide.

And this will make the dumbed down people ask for the “real stuff”, increasing the demand for the poison while enforcing stricter controls and certification.

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