The Aftermath of the US Federal Covid Vaccine Mandates

The actor Joe Biden playing ‘President’ announced, last Thursday, a sweeping new federal vaccine requirement affecting as many as 100 million Americans. The puppet on strings also signed an executive order to require vaccination for employees of the executive branch and contractors who do business with the federal government – with no option to test out.

Since this little ‘power play’ a lot of videos and posts on social media have popped up with US military, police and health care workers saying that they will quit their jobs. And for sure, anyone with a working brain would do just that, and if you have the energy, you would sue the state for violation of Natural Law and human rights. However, most people do not have that knowledge or the time and energy needed to win such a case. Those who know and understand that this ‘pandemic’ is fake, and those who can see the danger in the depopulation vaccines, will have no other option than to quit. And that is what this is all about.

Yes, getting rid of those who still have good values, getting rid of people who still cares about their fellow man, people who still care about humanity and the wellbeing of all of us.
Those remaining will be the dumbed-down, brainwashed, easy to manipulate ass-kissers who will obey any given order. And will they get at shot? Of course they will, a shot of salt water – or some concoction that is not deadly, but make people even easier to control.

This vaccine mandate is simply nothing more than a ruse to get rid of the people that actually could say NO and stand up against the government. The people that would not raise their weapon against their fellow man. It’s a win-win for the controlled governments. As the collapse of the FIAT system and the Dollar closes in, they will not have to pay as much in salaries and they get rid of potential “trouble makers” in the process, leaving them with the perfect puppets that will obey any of their totalitarian orders.
That is what this is about.

Here is a good video by Ben Barlow on the fact that if you take the vaccine, you are no longer human and lose all your human rights. And most importantly, how to write a notice (using the only true Natural Law) if your employer ask you to be vaccinated.

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