Sweden to manipulate Covaids-1984 statistics even further

As I wrote in my article about Sweden removing “all Corona Restrictions” on September 29, the agenda is simply to blame the unvaccinated for people getting sick (as they always have and always will) for something that does not exist. Today’s news confirms this and then some.

“Fully vaccinated will no longer have to be tested for Covid-19 when showing any symptom, such as cough, a runny nose, or fever.”

In other words, only unvaccinated will be tested, and only unvaccinated will be in their fabricated statistics of cases.

Keep in mind that there is no virus. That is silly fairy tales from a debunked theory supported by Rockefeller to make billions of dollars every year. People get sick from malnutrition, toxicity buildup, poisons, radiation, mental trauma, stress and constant feelings of fear and/or anger. The healing process is shown as symptoms, and we detoxify when the temperature changes, as in the seasonal flu. Nothing at all to do with imaginary boogeymen attacking you. But it’s a great sales pitch for drugs, medicines and vaccines.

So, as the seasons change, temperature drops, and people start their cleaning cycle and get symptoms (what they call being ‘sick’), only those unvaccinated will be added to the statistics and blamed for getting and spreading the imaginary covid-19. Very convenient to make this change at the same time as they will remove ‘Corona restrictions’, and we are heading into our natural cleaning cycle (what they used to call the flu.)
Also keep in mind that those vaccinated are counted as unvaccinated for two weeks after vaccination, and only those fully vaccinated are counted as vaccinated. Those who only have received one or two shots, still counts as unvaccinated. That is how wicked and rigged this is.

I will write an article about what a ‘cold’ or a ‘flu’ (nowadays called Covid) really is from a biological view as well as from the findings within German New Medicine.

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