Sweden’s Laughable Exaggerated Vaccination Count

The Swedish Public Health Authority, you know, the complete incompetent bigots who admitted that there is no proof whatsoever that covid-19 exist (page 45, and no it doesn’t exist), now claims that 7 006 231 people have received at least one shot, and of those roughly 7 million, 6 131 967 people have received two shots.

So, 6 131 967 have received two shots, that is a total of 12 263 934 shots.
7 006 231 – 6 131 967 = 874 264 with one shot.
That totals (12 263 934 + 874 264) 13 138 198 shots administered in tiny little Sweden with a population of about 10.3 million people. This seems to be correct as their website claims this exact number of vaccinated as of September 10, 2021.

Vaccinations began on December 27 in Sweden, with a modest batch of Pfizer-BioNTech. In reality, the real vaccination did not begin until late January when Sweden received the first batch from Astra Zeneca.
Still, let’s humor them.  From December 27 to September 10 is a span of 257 days. This means that, (13 138 198 shots / 257 days), a stunning 51 121 people have been vaccinated each single day 24/7 since the first vial arrived.

Now, let’s be more realistic. As we know, most health-care centers have been empty. There have been no queues anywhere to be seen. And most centers are not even open for more than 8 hours a day, but let’s for convenience say that they are, that is (51 121 people / 8 hours), 6 390 people an hour, every single day of the week.

Again, let’s be a bit realistic. Most of these centers are only open 5 days a week. So, from December 27, 2020, to September 10, 2021, is 36 weeks and 5 days, that is (36 x 5) + 5 = 185 work-days.
13 138 198 / 185 = 71 017 people every single workday. Or, (71 017 / 8 = 8 877), 8 877 people every working hour, every single working day since the first shot. Also keep in mind that the “health-care” personnel actually do other things than just administrating shots (and not all of them are allowed to give shots – my “health-care” center only have two people and they work at two places, so only available a few hours a day). And that every shot takes at least 10 to 15 minutes, as they must prepare, give the shot, fill out a paper, and then let the person rest a few minutes to watch for any adverse reactions.

Again, keep in mind that real vaccinations did not really begin until late January, so these figures are on the low end as you can see in this graph:

Now, Sweden has 21 counties and 290 municipalities, some of these in the larger cities have more than one center for vaccinations, while most of them only have one or even share with other municipalities. All of these vaccination centers require booking in advance, while a few in the larger cities has a “drop-in” policy for about 3 to 4 hours a few days a week. When you have checked bookings at random throughout 2021, most of these centers had almost all time-slots available – almost no bookings whatsoever. Heck, me and my friends have visited both hospitals and “health-care” centers around Sweden and most of them are pretty empty. Still, tiny little Sweden with 10.3 million inhabitants manage to vaccinate 71 017 people every work day for almost 37 weeks straight. Give me a break!

Actually, when extracting the amount of vaccinated during week 32 from week 31 in their graph, 520 600 shots was given in that 7-day span! That is 104 120 shots each working-day, or 13 015 shots every hour! In tiny Sweden! Ridiculous!!

These numbers are obviously extremely exaggerated. It’s simply psychological warfare; to put peer pressure on those who are uncertain about the vaccine – and to condition the sheep to follow the herd. But what is most fascinating is that these silly figures are bleated almost daily in the news, and almost no one even stop to think about what they actually mean. Common, 13 015 shots every hour during week 31?

As I said before, a more realistic number is about one tenth of what they make-up in their fake statistics. About 7 000 people every day is more reasonable. But my gut tells me it’s even less than that.

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