Pills to treat non-existent Covid

“We’re talking about a return to, maybe, normal life”, the headline reads. This ridiculous pill-thing was mentioned earlier this year, and it might be their ‘plan B’ to get some of those “vaccine hesitant” to pop a pill instead of taking the death jab. But be sure, that pill will be just as toxic and laden with graphene oxide as the zombie-shots.

The fabricated and extremely silly story, mention a ‘Miranda Kelly’, 44 years old, and her husband ‘Joe’, 46 years old. Of course, they are from Seattle, the home of Bill Gates.

44- and 46-years old as in…
Seattle = 44
Pfizer = 44
Medicine = 44
Warp Speed = 44 (Trump’s acceleration of the development and manufacturing of maiming and deadly vaccines)
The Purge = 44, 46 (what the vaccines has been coded with from the start)
Virus = 46
Disease = 46
WHO = 46 (the evil satanic organization working together with Big Pharma)

Miranda Kelly = 125, 53
Covid-19 Shot = 125, 53 (what the pill might ‘replace’ or ‘boost’)
Obligatory Vaccination = 125 (what they want, and a pill might make it easier)
Covid = 53 (keyword)
Transhumanism = 53 (what they want, and graphene oxide is one of the keys)
Crisis Actor = 53 (what Miranda is)

Also, notice the ‘82’ on the pills.

Seattle = 82
Coronavirus Covid = 82
Coronavirus Disease = 82
Covid = 82
Sun God = 82 (Saturn/The Cube, what they worship)
Transhumanism = 82 (coded yet again)

Very fitting number to have printed on the pills. Coding in plain sight.

And Pfizer’s pills are currently known as PF-07321332 and AT-527.
PF-07321332 = 33 (Jewish Reduction)
AT-527 = 47 (Reverse Ordinal)

PF-07321332 = 0+7+3+2+1+3+3+2 = 21
AT = A=1 + T=20 = 1+20 = 21

So, we have 33 as in Scottish Rite Freemasonry, we have 47 as in the degrees on the Freemasonic compass, and ‘21’, one of their favorite numbers coded into both of their pills. And the shortening ‘PF’ is also ‘66’ in the Jewish and Primes Gematria. Number of the beast is ‘66’ in Full Reduction.
Very cute. We see what you did there, Pfizer.

This fabricated and fake story broke on September 27, 2021, leaving 95 days remaining in the year. And historically the day the Jesuit Order was recognized by Rome, to counter Martin Luther’s 95 Theses.
Joe Kelly = 95 (English Ordinal)
Operation Warp Speed = 95 (there we go again)
Six Hundred Sixty-Six = 95 (666, the number of the beast, always coded in vaccine stories)

September 27, 2021, is also the 270th day of the year.
Seattle = 270 (Primes)

And September 27, 2021 = 9/27/2021 = 9+2+7+20+21 = 59
Covid-19 Pills = 59 (Full Reduction)
Covid Pills = 59 (Reverse Full reduction)
Coronavirus Pills = 59 (Septenary)

What a perfect day for a story about pills being used for a virus and a “disease” that does not exist.

Again, this is a way to get those hesitant about getting jabbed to pop a pill instead. It might also be a way to remove some ‘booster shots’ as it will be ridiculous after a few years when the zombies are about to get his or her 15th or 20th shot – but still making sure they get that graphene (black goo) inside of them. Graphene oxide or graphene hydroxide are just atoms thick and long, and once injected they will act as razor blades, cutting your blood vessels causing blood clots and internal hemorrhage like bruises and eventually an heart attack. They can also bond together, creating structures and we know they are used for making nano-sized antennas.
Of course, the story claims that they will initially be used to ‘stop’ a covid infection as soon as someone is tested positive. Remember, viruses do not exist. Covid or ‘the flu’ is simply symptoms of a natural cleaning cycle where your body is getting rid of toxic buildups. So, this is a perfect way to get anyone who shows natural symptoms of their cleaning/detoxifying cycle to pop a pill of poison – including those already vaccinated, as they can still “catch covid”, but the ‘symptoms’ will be less severe, lol. I’m more and more amazed for every single day that passes and that some people can’t see through this silly theatre, all these extremely obvious lies.

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