Denver Sheriff Deputy Killed in Mocking Ritual to blame Covid-19

Everyone with half a working brain should know by now that the controlling elite will do anything to further their fake pandemic nonsense and to mock and shame those who know the truth and refuse the depopulation sterilizing jab.
This “story” is the perfect example of lies, deceit and mockery.
Let’s decode it using their language of choice, Gematria. I will explain some of the decoding to make it easier for new followers.

So, Denver Sheriff Deputy Daniel ‘Duke’ Trujillo, 33, died Wednesday, May 26, 2021, the date of the full moon and total lunar ‘eclipse’.
33-years-old, eh? The freemasonic 33. And during the Eclipse. Can it get any more obvious than that?
Eclipse: 33
Police: 33
Masonry: 33
Order: 33
Vaccinating: 33
Corona: 33

All of the most important elements of this mock-story are coded with 33. Very much a Freemasonic ritual.

Also, May 26 = 5 (2+6) = 58
Freemasonry: 58
Secret Society: 58
Solomon’s Temple: 58
Rosicrucian: 58

And, May 26, 2021 = 5+26+20+21 = 72
Daniel ‘Duke’ Trujillo: 72 (Jew Red)
Jesuit Order: 72

The silly headline reads as following:
“Anti-Vaxxer sheriff, 33, is killed by COVID weeks after posting ‘I have an immune system’ and joking about shots making ‘appendages’ grow out of people’s heads.” … This happened in Colorado…

I have an immune system: 83, 236
Brotherhood of Death: 83
Murder: 83
Colorado: 83
Fraternal Order of Police: 236

The phrase, stolen from Facebook profile pictures, hints at murder (ritual), the Freemasonic Skull and Bones (Brotherhood of Death) and its Fraternal Order within the Police, as well as the state of Colorado.
Let’s look at the name.

Trujillo: 36, 99, 54
Covid-19: 36
Masons: 36
SARS-CoV-2: 99
Jesuit Order: 54
Deceivers: 54

Daniel Trujillo: 63, 90
Covid-19: 63
Deceivers: 90

Double hits on “Covid-19” and Deceivers. Quite telling. Once again references to Masons and the Jesuits. What about his middle name that they insist to write, “Duke.”

Duke: 67, 22
Satanic: 67, 22
Human Sacrifice: 67
Blood Sacrifice: 67
Order 322: 67
Jesuits: 22

There you have it. Order 322 (Freemason’s Skull and Bones) and references to a human sacrifice ritual. Let’s look at the word of “shame” – Anti-vaxxer.

Anti-vaxxer: 48, 132, 60
Vaccination: 48
Vaccine: 132
Roman Catholic: 132, 60
Catholic Church: 132
Boulder Police: 132
Police: 60
Order: 60
Thirty-Three: 60
Daniel Trujillo: 60 (Jew Red)

This popular phrase connects the same words as earlier and also hints at the Catholic Church, the Jesuits who control the media.

Appendages grow out of people’s heads: 142
Gematria: 142
Coronavirus: 142

Showing us that it is a mock-story coded by gematria within the theme of the fake coronavirus.

Appendages: 88, 43, 182, 47
Holy Roman Empire: 88
Occult: 88
Freemasons: 43
Killing: 43
RIP: 43
Rest in Peace: 182
Vatican: 47

The word ‘appendages’ is interesting as it has the important numbers 88 and 47. And it also decodes to both Rest in Peace and its abbreviation RIP – showing us that it was a killing, a occult Freemasonic ritual. Yes, it decodes to ‘killing’, ‘occult’ and ‘Freemasons’ as well.

People’s heads: 125, 53, 55
Predictive programming: 125
Deceive: 53
Divide: 53
Covid: 53
Ordo ab Chao: 53
Lie: 55

This phrase connects the story even further. Same as before.

Daniel allegedly died on a Wednesday from “COVID complications”…

Wednesday: 44
Kill: 44
Sheriff: 44
Psy-Op: 44
Deception: 44

C0VID complications: 202, 60 (Septenary), 71 (Chaldean)
Skull and Bones: 202
Thirty-Three: 60 (Septenary)
Order out of Chaos: 71 (Chaldean)

More of the same, tying it all together. Thirty-Three ties back to the beginning. Order out of Chaos is the Freemasonic motto (Ordo ab Chao, as decoded earlier.)

Vaccine Hesitancy: 71
Sheriff: 71
Catholic: 71
Covid Complications: 71 (Chaldean)

And the story was posted at 14:54 = (1+4) (5+4) = 59
Freemasonry: 59
Distract: 59

His profile picture on Facebook had the Boulder Police emblem.
Story written by someone allegedly called Gina Martinez.

Gina Martinez: 65, 70
Boulder Police: 65, 70

Daniel ‘Duke’ Trujillo: 77, 112
Boulder: 77, 112

This is another Freemasonic ritual and sacrifice thrown in your face as an agenda-driven mock-story (programming) to divide the people further – the indoctrinated sleeping masses versus those awake and refusing to take a lethal shot.

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