Florida concert promoter selling tickets to Vaccinated for $18, and non-Vaccinated for $999

Not sure if there’s any truth to this mock-story, because that imbecile selling the tickets could easily be sued for discrimination and that would be that for him.

Anyway, this is a good little story for exploring numerology and Gematria – the elite’s language of choice.

$999 is of course a tribute to 666 – The Mark of the Beast. In the occult, especially within Freemasonry, everything is “turned up-side-down” or “mirrored”, just as in that satanic child-promoting shit-show on Netflix called “Stranger Things.”

Ticket price for transhuman zombies: $18 is 6+6+6 = 666
Ticket price for real organic humans: $999 = 666

Vaccination: 666 (Eng Sumerian)
Concert: 666 (Rev Eng Sumerian)

Wow, what a coincidence! Both the evil satanic vaccinations and concert matches the Number of The Beast. I bet the Jesuits that wrote this story never thought of that. Must be that coincidence theory at work yet again!

Story released on May 29, 2021 = 5+29+20+21 = 75
Catholic Church: 75
Roman Catholic: 75
Francis Bacon: 75

Teenage Bottlerocket: 103
Vaccinating: 103
Jesuits: 103

Tampa, Florida: 116, 53, 73
Coronavirus Disease: 116, 73 (Septenary)
Covid: 53

Promoter is allegedly named Paul Williams.
Paul Williams: 49, 77
Vaccinating: 49
Clade X (first pandemic simulation): 49
Teenage Bottlerocket: 77

Yeah, go figure. Clade X was a simulation of a virus pandemic held exactly 666 days before Corona was declared a Pandemic. 666 again. They just love to mock us. And just look at the looser in the picture with a skull with devil horns in the background. If you can’t see the connections, you are blind!

Story updated at 23:37 = two ‘3s’ in the middle, 2 x (33) = 66 as in 666 as Number of the Beast equals ’66’ in English Gematria.
Or as 23+37 = 60
Roman Catholic: 60
Thirty-Three: 60

This is simply a ritualistic mock-story and an attempt to lure people into taking the maiming, sterilizing, and deadly vaccine. To get people to think that everything will be restricted and more expensive if you remain un-vaccinated.
Well, who cares? Remaining an intact real human being is far more important.
But if people are stupid enough to get a shot for a couple of donuts… Well, I think you get my point.

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