Deaths Skyrockets After the Third Vaccine Shot in Israel

As a truth-seeker, information analyst, and expert of human physiology, biology, and microbiology, you wish you were wrong about almost everything you find out and understand in today’s world. All the information is available to find for those who seek. Unfortunately, most people are so tired, fatigued, and dumbed down, that they never research anything. They just get spoon-fed by the Jesuit-controlled propaganda machine called ‘the news’.
When the first shot of vaccine was administrated throughout our world, I followed the daily death rate statistics and sure enough, it increased shortly after the jab – everywhere. I warned about this in my Facebook post, “This is sickening! Daily Deaths in Poland and around the world.

Now, although a lot of people have received a saline shot (salt water) instead of the real vaccine, the rates have continued to slowly climb and the governing forces invent and blame it on new variants. But anyone, sleeping or not, should see the obvious by now. It is undeniable. Which leads me to what is happening in Israel after the third shot.

They started with the third Covid shot on July 30. Just within days after the jab, the daily death rate skyrocketed! We know about Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050. We know about the depopulation agenda – thinning the herd and making people sterile through the vaccine – what the UN and the World Economic Forum call a “sustainable population”. It has begun.

As I said, I wish I were wrong about everything. Unfortunately, so far, it’s the complete opposite.

Again, stand your ground. Say no. Form your own communities, make their beast system obsolete!

You can visit the statistic-website here, and change views on the data:
Israel Covid-19 Daily Death Statistics

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