Division Propaganda by using Fake Polls and Programming

What we have talked and warned about since the start of the dangerous and maiming vaccinations have now escalated and are being pushed by the media. Yes, the division tactics – as previously seen in racism. They want to pin vaccinated against the unvaccinated, to get people to fight amongst each other. The best conquering tactic there is.

In this fabricated and faked story, they claim that a “survey” or a “poll” by ‘The Harris Poll’ showed that 33% of millennials have cut ties with somebody in their life over not getting vaccinated. Yes, ‘33’ percent. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 33 again.
And what about the survey? Only a pitiful 1,334 people was asked. Notice the ‘33’ in the middle. And you can write 1,334 as (1+3) (3+4), which is 47 – the reflection of God’s number 74 and the 47 degrees in the Freemasonic compass. They just can’t help themselves.

Obviously, this is all fabricated. Just as with politics or any other opinion-based survey, no one was asked, it’s just fiction. But the agenda is clear. And it’s not only about influencing the vaccinated to avoid the unvaccinated. It goes the other way too. They want us who can see the truth, who are unvaccinated and would fight to our last drop of blood to remain human, to avoid the vaxxed as well. They want to divide our society into camps. Same tactic as they always used, and they are succeeding.

As for the keywords in the article and some relationships, there are a lot, as with all their fabricated stories. And if English is not your native language, the word “Gen Zers” refers to “Generation Z” or “Gen Z”, also known as “Zoomers”. It is the demographic unit succeeding Millennials and preceding Generation Alpha. Media use the mid-to-late 1990s as starting birth years and the early 2010s as ending birth years. Millennials are also known as “Generation Y” or “Gen Y”, and media use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. So, “Gen Zers” are those born after the Millennials.

Millennials: 48, 69 (keyword, who the story targets)
Cutting Ties: 48, 69 (keyword, what they want you to do)
Vaccination: 48, 69 (the subject of the story)
Illuminati: 48, 69 (ritualistic tribute)
Anti-Vaxxer: 48 (the villain in this agenda)
Freemason: 48 (who executes this story)
The Culling: 48 (what the vaccine is about)
Fabricated: 69 (what this story is)
New World Order: 69 (what the end goal is)
Race War: 69 (what this agenda mirrors)
The Jesuit Order: 69 (who controls this agenda)

Millennials: 120
Covid-19 Vaccine: 120
Illuminati: 120 (more ritualistic tribute)
Mandatory Vaccination: 120 (what they want)
Race War: 120 (again, what this agenda mirrors)

Gen Zers: 40 (keyword, who the story targets)
Zoomers: 40 (Jew Red) (keyword, who the story targets)
Generation Z: 40 (Septenary) (keyword, who the story targets)
United States: 40
Fiction: 40 (again, what this story is)
Theatre: 40 (again, what this story and the pandemic is)
Theatrics: 40 (again, what this story and the pandemic is)

Gen Xers: 38
Americans: 38
Covid-19: 38 (the subject of the story, keyword for the narrative)

Baby Boomers: 117
Unvaccinated: 117
Forced vaccination: 117 (what they want)
The Great Culling: 117 (what the vaccine is about)
People Fooled: 117 (mockery, since this is all fabricated)

Baby Boomers: 45

Unvaccinated: 45 (again, the villain in this agenda)
People Fooled: 45 (again, mockery, since this is all fabricated)
Racism: 45 (again, what this agenda mirrors)
Vision 2050: 45 (their ultimate long-term goal)

I do not need to go further than this. You should see how obvious the agenda is and how coded it is into this story by the keywords they chose to repeat and focus on. This is all about a new “Race War”, about division. People who are busy fighting each other never see or fight the real enemy. And that is how they stay on top, how they stay in power.

The worst part with this propaganda is that they are trying to “normalize” this behavior, to cut ties with people that do not share your opinion (in this case delusion.) Remember, brainwashing is done by repetition. They only need to run this narrative a few weeks and the sleeping sheep will be fully programmed to hate and cut ties with the real humans, those unvaccinated.

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