Biden to Issue ‘Stark Warning’ (Dark Winter?) on Scripted and Fake ‘Covid Surge’

The actor playing the role of the demented Jesuit puppet Biden, is set on trying to further program the gullible sheep about Omicron, surge in cases of the imaginary coronavirus, and other things that do not exist. It’s unclear if he will talk about pink unicorns and Teletubbies, but considering his track record, it’s not unlikely.

The headline that many news outlets seem to run with mentions “Stark Warning”, you know, as in House of Stark in the Game of Thrones, where the phrase, “winter is coming”, comes from, a phrase tied to the earlier catchphrase of “We’re about to go into a dark winter. A dark winter.”

Remember, ‘Operation Dark Winter’ from 2001 was an exercise/simulation describing a bioweapon attack on the U.S., very much like the fake and staged coronavirus pandemic with lockdowns and mandates. Of course, the ‘bioweapon’ connection is all about the coronavirus vaccine, the shot that main, sterilize and kill.

“Stark Warning” is also a perfect match in gematria for this story.

Stark Warning = 155 & 56
Coronavirus = 155 & 56 (keyword, what it is about, the fake virus)
Viral Outbreak = 155 & 56 (keyword, what it is about, the fake virus)
Planned Virus = 155 & 56 (revelation of the method, it’s all planned)
Masonic Ritual = 155 & 56 (what Biden’s speech is, a ritual by the numbers)
Economic Slaves = 155 & 56 (what they want us to be, and what we will be in the New World Order)
Anti-Vaccination = 155 & 65 (keyword, what/who the target of this ritual is)

You already know the pandemic code of ‘56’ and also ’65,’ as in ‘Anti-vaccination.’ It’s very clear why they chose the wording “Stark Warning.”

And “Covid Surge” is something I decoded before, it’s a perfect match with ‘Conspiracy,’ which in essence is what the fake and staged pandemic is – a conspiracy to usher in the New World Order as described in United Nation’s Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and Vision 2060.

COVID Surge = 123, 51, 147, 57
Conspiracy = 123, 51, 147, 57

And of course, “Covid Surge” fits with what I mentioned earlier in this decode and what Joe Biden mentioned over a year ago, tying it all together in a neat little Christmas present.

COVID Surge = 123, 51, 147
Dark Winter = 123, 51, 147

Question is, is that what now is coming? Their “Dark Winter” of vaccinating children, vaccine mandates, vaccine cards and ID’s, lockdowns, increasing food costs and the cost of electricity (not be able to keep the lights on, as in Dark… Dark Winter,) and really dividing people – setting the stage for civil war and thus a totalitarian police state? Again, as I explained in my article from July, the most likely scenario for “Dark Winter” is a power shortage as in electricity blackouts or electricity becoming extremely expensive due to staged and fake shutdowns of powerplants and/or a war.

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