Fake Statistics with a Jesuit and Biblical Claim of “201 million” Americans Vaccinated to Push Their Deadly Propaganda

A “study”, which means something fabricated they put some puppets name on, claim that as of Monday, more than 201 million Americans have received at least one shot of the maiming, sterilizing and deadly Covid-19 vaccine, with over 171 million fully vaccinated. 201 is the Jesuit number, what a coincidence! The same fake “study” also claim that ‘unvaccinated’ people are 29 times more likely to be hospitalized with “Covid” than vaccinated. Well, thank God then that I’m not a ‘person’ or ‘people’, but a free and sovereign man following the true natural law. Maybe this fantasy virus of theirs only affect gullible slaves of the state, those who identify as people (registered, as in slaves)? Well, I digress. Let’s look at this fabricated piece of nonsense using Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

Let’s start with the obvious lie, the 201 million Americans. 201 is a frequent number on the higher scale in this fake pandemic.

201 is the octal number of 129. And guess how many days are left in 2021 on the day this story broke… yes, 129 days. This is a really important hint!
201 is also a match in Reverse Ordinal for ‘The Holy Bible’. And what in the bible could be associated with 129 and 201?
What about Revelation 12:9?

Revelation 12:9:
“And the great dragon was thrown down, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world – he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”

That Old Serpent: 201 (Reverse Ordinal) (Boom, there we go!)

That old serpent. Satan the deceiver of the whole world.
Yes, that is what this pandemic hoax is all about. Deceit! Deceiving the whole world to usher in Satan, or, as they call it, The New World Order.

What more is 201? Yes, the pandemic simulation in October 2019, Event 201. You know, with Bill Gates, which fittingly is turning 66 years old this year and kind of fit the phrase, “that old serpent.” At least he looks the part with his feminine features and man-boobs, just like their beloved Baphomet.

What more matches 201?
The Jesuit Order: 201 (the ones writing the script)
The Holy Bible: 201 (showing us where to look, Revelation 12:9)
Deceptive News: 201 (deceptive, yes indeed, gematria is cleverly coded)
Fabricated: 201 (fabricated, fake, yes indeed, gematria is cleverly coded)
Order of Illuminati: 201 (the original secret society that infiltrated Freemasonry)
Saturn Worship: 201 (what they all worship, the ancient Sun God)
Six Sixty-Six: 201 (always with the reference to the Mark of the Beast, 666)
201 Million People: 201 (people as in slaves, very fitting)
William Henry Gates: 201 (there he is again, that old serpent)

And, remember, they said “29 times more likely…”. ‘29’ as in Revelation 12:9 = 129 = 29.

Also, Joe Biden, the Jesuit puppet and actor, said on Monday that “virtually all” Covid hospitalizations and deaths are among the ‘unvaccinated’ people. That is one hell of a lie, as I know a lot of hospital personnel across the US and they paint a complete opposite picture, with all hospitalizations being after vaccination and from idiots wearing diapers on their face and getting bacterial infections.

And also…
Biden: 29 (Reverse Full Reduction)

They also claimed that 171 million has had at least one shot of the poison.
Contrived News: 171 (another hint at the deceit of ‘that old serpent’)
Hiding the Truth: 171 (another hint at the deceit of ‘that old serpent’)
Depopulation Agenda: 171 (Jew Ord) (what it is all about, Agenda 2030)
Inoculation Death: 171 (what it is all about, Agenda 2030)
Destroy Humans: 171 (Jew Ord) (they do not want humans, they want ‘people’, slaves, and only a ‘sustainable’ amount)
The Number of the Beast: 171 (Rev Full Red EP) (there we go again!)

The fake study also mentions that 201 million is about 60.8% of the population. It’s actually 60.4% (332.67M) if you check the government population clock at census.gov. However, 60.8% can be written as 68 in Gematria.

Two Hundred One: 68 (Rev Single Red) (they just had to get ‘201’ in there again)
Corona Pandemic: 68 (the subject/keyword what this is about)
Covid Nineteen: 68 (the subject/keyword what this is about)
Wuhan: 69 (keyword for the fake pandemic)
Vaccinating: 68 (the subject/keyword what this is about)
Jab: 68 (the subject/keyword what this is about)
mRNA Vaccine: 68 (the subject/keyword what this is about)
Blood Clotting: 68 (one of the most common effects of the death jabs)
Sterilizing: 68 (what the jab is about when targeting the younger population)
No Human Rights: 68 (exactly what happens once you take the jab and become transhuman)
Cube Worship: 68 (again with references to Saturn, or ‘Satan’)
Ready for the End: 68 (they are closing in on their goal, most ‘people’ still fooled)
The Greater Good: 68 (what they tell their minions when giving orders)
End of the World: 68 (what they want, the end of the world as we knew it)

And 171 is the 39th Prime Number.

Culling: 39 (sterilization, population control, removal of the weak, what the vaccine is about)
Slaves: 39 (what the remaining population will be)
Transhuman: 39 (what those taken the vaccine has become)
It is a Lie: 39 (coronavirus is a lie, that old serpent lies)
War: 39 (what this really is, WW3, the quiet war with silent weapons)

I don’t think I need to go deeper than this. It should be obvious that this is just another lie, a way to manipulate the weak-minded into thinking, “geez, 201 million? That many can’t be wrong. I should probably get the jab.”
Reverse psychology through faked peer pressure. Most likely, it’s not even half of that number.

And as always, they have to reveal the truth to keep their “karma” intact – the Revelation of the Method. And in this story, it was really neatly and cleverly coded. Check my article from yesterday for more on the topic about ‘666’ and the pandemic. You should be able to see through all the deceit by now.

God Speed everyone! Stay your ground, fight for your loved ones, and say no to the prick (that old serpent)!

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