The Fake Pandemic – The Rise of the Kraken as I Foretold

In my article posted in early August of 2022, about the staged and fake FBI raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, I wrote about their ongoing script of playing out the Book of Revelation — how Trump most likely is the Seventh King and that Obama is the Antichrist.

In that article I mentioned Kraken, the Beast or the Antichrist, as a metaphor for something hidden and/or something that rises, as the Beast rose from the sea. One of my predictions were that we could possibly see references to the ‘Kraken’ in their next planned and fake wave of the Coronavirus Plandemic. This is what I wrote then, back on August 11:

“Also, since the Kraken is a symbol of rising up, it would not surprise me if we see a reference to Kraken in their script of the staged and fake pandemic. Simply mocking us and hint to us that something bigger is lurking ahead. For example, another computer-generated variant of the non-existing Omicron variant named ‘Kraken’ as the fake “infections” once again rise and overwhelm the public. As we are approaching 2023, and the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, when people always get sick due to relaxing, changing their sleeping habits, and consuming a shitload of unhealthy food, it would be the perfect time to fake another wave. Also, 2023 is the year of Order 322 (Skull and Bones,) as ‘2023’ is written as ‘223’ in numerology, like ‘322’ in reverse, another made-up wave would fit their agenda perfectly, and they might indeed call it ‘Kraken.’”

I also mentioned Kraken in the silly ‘Artemis I’ script by NASA and their scrubbed attempts to launch their phallos into the sea due to cracks, which sounds like Kraken. In that article, I also mentioned a connection to the fake pandemic and to the Omicron variant. And here we are, a few days into 2023, the year of Skull and Bones Freemasonry, and the media is reporting on a new “outbreak” of the latest variant of Omicron, the ‘Kraken.’

Again, this is the perfect time to do it, as people always get sick during the winter holidays. I’ve explained that in detail here:

If you got “sick” during the holidays, here’s what you REALLY need to know

Now there are two possible scenarios that I can see at a first glance. The first is that this is a revelation of the method, a kind of mockery to keep the virus-lie alive and tell us that the Kraken is rising, that something bigger is coming later this year or even the next. That “something” bigger could be a fake nuclear or EMP attack, or it could be the looming economic crash that will introduce a One World Digital Currency, although I do think that will not happen yet in a year or two, not until the Digital ID is firmly in place and Social Credit Score Systems are being rolled out – as in the Mark of the Beast.

The other scenario is that this will be the wave that escalates, that leads to new lockdowns and even more forceful attempts to vaccinate people, as in poisoning them, making them even more sick before they hit us with the next big thing.

The main point is that the Kraken is rising, as in the Beast rising from the sea, and that something big is about to happen. That they soon are ready to take the next big step towards their Agenda 2030.

So, be prepared for more pandemic-nonsense. And, more importantly, step up your game in educating people around you. As long as the virus-lie is alive, they can continue this madness and everything else they have planned. I’ve said this from the start, and although I see a lot more people waking up and questioning the virus- and contagion bullshit, we need a lot more to wake up. The more that do, the more people we have to form our own communities with, communities that can live outside of their Beast System, communities that can live and thrive by trading goods and services all by themselves.

For ideas on what you can do, please check my articles archive on our Fight for Freedom:

And thank you Catarina for sending me the links.

Good video by Hugo on this silly Kraken:

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