Quick Summary of What May Lie Ahead

This year I probably written close to 300 posts or more. Just in the last couple of months I’ve averaged almost 40 a month. The majority of these posts has been decodes of the Lamestream media’s fake news stories – as people need to wake up. In each decode I try to explain the thinking and meaning of the story, to give you some extra information and things to think about.
In many of these posts, I’ve touched on what we might see in the next couple of months and I thought I would summarize it in this post.

If you are somewhat aware of our reality and have done some research, you know that viruses do not exist. That what they call viruses are simple residues from our natural cleaning cycle. That realization also makes vaccines a total fraud – a dangerous maiming and deadly fraud. And you would also know that we just entered autumn in the northern ‘hemisphere’ and thus are only weeks from our natural seasonal cleansing cycle, something that used to be called the yearly “flu season”. Now, the evil Rockefeller Modern Medicine has hijacked this natural detoxifying cycle by first calling it a “flu” caused by “viruses” and now, since 2020, calling it Covid-19.  

The gullible and dumbed-down masses seem to have forgotten that this “seasonal flu” has happened every year since they were born. But now everything is this Covid-1984 imaginary virus.
Anyway, as we approach this natural cleansing cycle, several countries have lessened their fascist corona restrictions. Heck, Norway went as far as declaring the CONvid-19 no more than the common cold. Good for them, however, it might just be another move on the chessboard.

Now, consider this…

Most people have been staying indoors, getting very little, if none, Vitamin D from sunshine. They have been wearing extremely dangerous face diapers, obstructing their breathing for hours every day and rebreathing their own toxins. They have been getting less exercise and less nutritious foods. And most of them, including the diet-woke people and the unvaccinated, have been experiencing a lot of stress from this staged and faked pandemic. 1.5 years of stress, especially with the vaccine rollout and the division it has caused. Many are mentally worn out.

So, what do you think will happen once their cleaning cycle kicks in and their body need to detoxify? Yes, a lot of people will get A LOT sicker than usual. Their detoxification and healing process will be both longer and more brutal than previous years!

How fitting that they have lessen the restrictions just prior. As people go through their natural cleansing cycle, they will experience way worse symptoms than usual and it will all be blamed on “opening up society” and on the unvaccinated.
The perfect reason for even harder lockdowns and more sinister vaccine mandates.

This also goes hand-in-hand with the recent man-made volcano activity and the eruptions spewing Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) into the air. Breathing in SO2 give you symptoms identical to detoxing (the flu or the imaginary Covid.) SO2 irritates the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs – resulting in effects such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and also runny nose and blurred vision. This will also be blamed on the imaginary CONvid-19.

Let’s hope that the vaccines are not the immediate killers they are made out to be by so many whistleblowers, doctors and ‘experts.’ Because, if they are, and millions of people start dying this winter, there will be a world-wide panic unlike anything you have ever seen before – and it will all be blamed on the unvaccinated, which in turn will lead to an outcry for the anti-vaxxers to go to the camps. And they have built many camps around the world, that is no secret. The military police in most countries will happily do it as a way to ‘serve their country’, and if they actually have some humanity left in them and refuse, they already have soulless mercenaries in place. Private military forces.  Basically, nearly everywhere will look like Melbourne times a thousand.

In other words, be prepared for anything. Either way this goes, it will get worse before it gets better. Pay close attention to the trends and agendas in the media. Learn to see through the illusion. Stand your ground. Form communities and help each other.

Most of this post and more was covered in my post about Sweden removing their “corona restrictions”:

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