White House Claims 70% Vaccination Rate in Accordance with Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce

The world is a stage. Everything is scripted, made-up to fit their numerology and gematria. Let’s take a quick look at these stories.

Sure, a lot of people are gullible idiots, falling right into the trap of a fake pandemic and the need to take an experimental emergency-release medical procedure claimed to be a vaccine (aka., ‘Mark of the Beast’). Yeah, vaccines for imaginary transmittable diseases – something that does not exist. Gullible, dumbed-down, loss of a backbone, brainwashed – take your pick. But I promise you, the vaccination rates are much lower. Not that many people are total morons. They’ve hinted about the 70% mark for some time now, and I’ll show you why.
And keep in mind that I have repeatedly speculated that at least 70% of all vaccines are harmless, simply salt water. That is the only way to lure people into taking it. If the majority of people feel nothing, they will recommend the vaccine. But after the second and third dose… Well, how long can you dodge the bullet? Anyhow, on with the story.

First, the news about this made-up number falls on the 214th day of the year.
Covid Vaccine: 214

And who is stupid enough to take this “Vaccine”?

Dozing Population: 214
Sleeping Population: 214 (Jew Ord)

And of course, it also ties back to Donald Trump and his evil Star Trek vaccine visions, as in Operation Warp Speed put forth on May 15, 2020, to speed up the vaccine distribution.

Operation Warp Speed: 214 (Jew Ord)

News broke on August 2, or 8/2 = 82. And they love to mock you, using words used by people fighting the good fight on social media.
Vaxxed: 82

And the story fit the date.
Coronavirus Disease: 82
Covid: 82
Covid-19 Delta Variant: 82
Vaccine Depopulation: 82 (Jew Red)
Transhumanism: 82

While “Covid Vaccine” matched the 214th day of the year, “Covid-19 Vaccine” has a Reverse Ordinal value of 233, same as “Covid Pandemic”.

Covid-19 Vaccine: 233
Covid Pandemic: 233

233 is the 51st Prime number
233 is the 13th Fibonacci number

August 2, has both 51- and 13-numerology.
8+2+20+21 = 51
8+2+2+1 = 13

And, we know there is no contagion, no virus, and that the real killer is the vaccine…

Outbreak: 51
Illusion: 51
Joke is on you: 51
World Fooled: 51
The Culling: 51
Vaccine Deaths: 51

As for the 70% vaccination goal, the phrase “seventy percent” just so happens to be 70 and fits perfectly with the agenda, including some of the most important keywords used during the planned scamdemic.

Seventy Percent: 70
A Viral Psy-Ops: 70
Fake Virus Outbreak: 70
Planned Virus: 70
Scamdemic: 70
Scripted News: 70
Coronavirus: 70
Fear Controls: 70
Covid Vaccine: 70
Covid-19 Vaccine: 70 (Jew Ord)
Graphene Oxide: 70 (Jew Red)
Seventy Percent: 70
Tricked: 70
Inoculation Kills: 70
Vaccination Kills: 70 (Jew Red)
Vaccine Kill: 70
Killing: 70 (Jew Ord)
Vatican: 70
The White House: 70 (Septenary)
Satanic Blood Ritual: 70

And yes, in their eyes and mind, this is the biggest Satanic Blood Ritual they ever pulled off. People dying like flies from their vaccine, and those surviving show a lot of Blood Clots, Bleeding, and Blood Bruises. And of course, you have the White House in the number of 70, just as their masters at the Vatican.

And all this ties neatly together with Bill and Melinda Gates that also hit the headlines with their divorce.

Bill Gates is 65 years old.
He married Melinda 65 days after his 38th birthday.
They’re divorced on the day leaving 151 days in the year

Pandemic: 65, 38, 151

That is how closely coded he is to the fake pandemic. And as for Melinda Gates…

August 2nd is the 214th day of the year and is heavily coded to “Covid Vaccine”.
Melinda Gates: 214, 70
Covid vaccine: 214, 70

There they are again, ‘214’ and the important ‘70’, as in “70% Vaccination Rate”.

And the article says they will both be worth $76 Billion after the divorce.
Corona Pandemic: 76
Staged Virus Outbreak: 76
Viruses are Fake: 76 (Jew Ord)
Vaccine Death: 76
Symbol: 76

Very fitting number, indeed. Shows their connection to the fake pandemic, the virus lie, and to symbol, as in symbolism and money.

Remember, it is no secret that Bill and Melinda Gates were in an arranged marriage, beginning January 1, 1994, in tribute to the planed “coronavirus pandemic.” It’s been planned since the early 70’s.
They are located in Seattle. On January 29, 2010, Bill Gates declared a ‘Decade of Vaccines’ from the meeting at Davos, Switzerland on his 94th day of his age. Ten years later, January 2020, he got the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the world, outside of mainland China, in his backyard, Seattle.

Seattle, Washington: 94
Davos, Switzerland: 94
Coronavirus Pandemic: 94
Vaccination Death: 94
Ritual Blood Sacrifice: 94
Ritual Human Sacrifice: 94
Microchip: 94
Enslaved Population: 94

There, all tied together, including what they are doing with the vaccines and their next step to enslave humanity – the microchip implant.

And on August 2, 2021, the fake marriage ends, with 151 days remaining of the year. Just like the first faked corona case in Seattle on January 15, 2020, or 1/15 = 151 and Pandemic being 151 in the Reverse Ordinal cipher.

Also, 151 is an important tribute, as it goes back to previous events that Bill Gates has had his hand in. Such as The Mosquito Week when 750 million GMO mosquitos were unleashed in Florida on August 19, 2020. Or his “A World at Risk” simulation on September 17 and 18, 2019 (pandemic unleashed in Florida and heavily coded with the Roman Catholic Church and their Jesuit Order).

Mosquito Week: 151
Genetically Modified Mosquitos: 151
A World at Risk: 151
The Great Reset: 151
Sustainable Development Goals : 151
Pandemic: 151
A Viral Psy-Ops: 151
Enslaved People: 151

Yes, Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset” and “Sustainable Development Goals” were announced on March 6, or 3/6 = 36. 151 is the 36th Prime number.
And just as the number ‘70’, the number ‘151’ has similar connections, once again matching up with key-phrases such as “A Viral Psy-Op” to “enslave the people”, which is all it is.

If you can’t see the connections and how it’s all been planned for a very long time, you really need to wake up. Don’t be one of the dozing or sleeping population. Do NOT take the deadly vaccine! Stay human!

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