FAKE NEWS: New ‘Covid-19 Variant’ “found” in South Africa – Again Targeting Your Children

At this stage of the fake and staged pandemic, most of you should know that we do not even have a real representation of how a human cell look like or function, much less any proof of an existing virus or transmittable diseases. All previous experiments with transmissibility of diseases have shown it is not possible. There is no such thing as transmittable disease. It’s the biggest lie and scam of our century. If you still haven’t grasped this simple truth, just click on the links in the text above.

So, when the fake ‘authorities’ claim they have “discovered” a new variant of something that does not, and cannot, exist; you know it’s brainwashing propaganda time, and of course, a ritual involving numerology and gematria.

This fake news came on November 25, 2021, the day leaving 36 days remaining in the year.

Covid-19 = 36 (how appropriate with a fake covid story on this day)
New variant = 36 (how convenient to invent a new variant with 36 days remaining in the year)
Mutations = 36 (same, same)
IHS = 36 (Iesus Hominum Salvator, ‘jesus, the savior of men’, the motto on the Jesuit logo, the order writing the script)

This was reported by the puppet Joe Phaahla, playing the role of “Health Minister” in South Africa.
November 25, 2021 = 11/25/2021 = 11 + 25 + 20 + 21 = 77
Joe Phaahla = 77
South Africa = 77

They also claim that it’s been “detected” in Botswana as well…

Botswana = 121, 49
South Africa = 121, 49
Joe Phaahla = 49

And they also mention a “professor” named Tulio de Oliveira and that a traveler from Hong Kong has been exposed…
Oliveira = 91, 46, 125
Hong Kong = 91, 46, 125
Triple match! And, of course, 46 is also in…
Thursday = 46 (the story came out on a Thursday)
New variant = 46 (about a “new variant”)

The “new variant” that they just made up in a computer is currently dubbed “B.1.1.529”. 1 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 9 = 18. And 18 is known for breaking down to 6+6+6. You always have to have the Number of the Beast coded in these stories.

And in gematria it just happens to break down to…

B.1.1.529 = 20, 25
Death = 20, 25 (as it does not exist, it will not cause death – it will be a smokescreen for death cause by vaccines)
Molek = 20, 25 (original Hebrew name for “Moloch”, the Canaanite God associated with child sacrifice, as in killing children with the vaccines)

In other words, they will use these new invented variants as a smokescreen for children dying of the vaccine – claiming that they died of a new “more contagious” and dangerous variant. It’s also a great way to push for even more vaccines and booster shots. And, don’t forget that they have the smallpox card to play as well, to scare parents into giving their children even more maiming, sterilizing and deadly shots.

And of course, they claim the impossible, that “the mutation could result in immune evasion and enhanced transmissibility of the virus.” Again, there is no such thing as a virus or an immune system; that is only the delusions of the failed germ theory. A scare tactic to sell useless and harmful drugs as “medicine.”

On 30 January 2020 following the recommendations of the Emergency Committee, the WHO Director General declared that the fake and staged Covid-19 outbreak constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

From January 30, 2020 to the day they declared this new fake virus variant on November 25, 2021 is a span of 666 days. There we go again!

And as for some synchronicity of their keywords and how the story was invented and put together:

South African Scientists = 322 (as in Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry)

Enhanced Transmissibility = 272, 151 (what they claim)
South African Scientists = 272, 151 (the puppets making the claim)
The Network of Genomic Surveillance = 151 (what they belong to)

Enhanced Transmissibility = 110 (what they claim)
Immune Evasion = 110 (what they claim)

And they also added that UK will ban flights to 6 African countries on Friday, as an additional scare tactic and ritual. These countries are South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Eswatini and Zimbabwe.

South Africa = 121, 49
Botswana = 121, 49
Namibia = 49

Namibia = 31, 50
Lesotho = 31, 50

Lesotho = 95
Botswana = 95

They claim the variant has more than 30 mutations.
Thirty = 100, 37
Eswatini = 100, 37
Virus = 37

36 days remaining, 11/25 = 11 + 25 = 36
Zimbabwe = 36
Friday = 36 (when UK will ban the flights)

And finally, they claim that the first B.1.1.529 infection specimen was collected on November 9, 2021. November 9 as in 11/9 or 9/11…

All countries connected in gematria to each other and the story.
Again, this is simply fabricated propaganda, and again aimed at children, just as with the Delta variant.

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