A Quick Look at The Swedish Government Shit-Show on November 24, 2021

Sweden had a vote for a new Prime Minister. Magdalena Andersson was voted in, only to resign 7 hours later due to a “budget defeat.”
This will be a quick summary as I don’t have time to do a full decode in both Swedish and English. I will only touch on what is popping up as I speed read the summary of this theatre.

Let’s begin with the votes. There are 348 people that can vote in the Parliament. 57 people didn’t vote, 117 voted for Magdalena and 174 voted against. Since it’s 348 votes and the votes will be in the hundreds, you can write 174 as 74.
74 is one of the most important numbers for the Freemasons. And 117 will be 17. The 17th Prime Number is 59. She later resigned due to “budget defeat”. Budget is 59 in English Ordinal and “Budget Defeat” is 59 in Septenary.

The vote ended at 10:02am when she was announced as Prime Minister. 10:02 is 12. The 12th Prime Number is 37. This vote was held on November 24, the day leaving 37 days remaining in the year.

Now, although 174 voted against and only 117 voted yes, with the 57 absent votes, it was enough to make her Prime Minister. And of course, she was the first female Prime Minister is Sweden, preceded by 33 men. Yes, 33, as in the highest degree in Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the well-known Freemasonic hoax code. Keep the pyramid of power in mind. At the top we have the 13 ancient ruling families. They operate trough the Pope and the Vatican and their soldiers in the form of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order work closely with the Freemasonic orders – the freemasons are the one bidding their agenda out in the world. And any kind of “authority” is infiltrated and controlled by freemasons, especially all kind of Government, the Military, the Police and Health Care. So yes, this was very much another masonic ritual and distraction for the sleeping masses.

She resigned at 17:34, after 7 hours and 32 minutes, or (7) + (3+2) = 75.
Order Out of Chaos = 75 (the Freemasonic motto – create chaos and confusion, present a solution, and then gain order and power)
New World Order = 75 (what they strive for, a One World Government)

Magdalena Andersson was born on January 23, 1967. From November 24 to her upcoming birthday is a span of 60 days, or 8 weeks and 4 days, as in 60 and 84.
Jesuit = 60, 84 (the Jesuit Order, the order writing the script for the Freemasons)
Divide and Conquer = 60, 84 (another of their mottos)
The Jesuit Order = 84 (again, the Jesuit Order)
Thirty-Three = 60 (the Freemasons number and the number of Prime Ministers before her)

60 days is also 1440 hours, or 144, a very special number in the prophecy of end times and that many religious orders claim to be a part of.
Jesuit Order = 144
Mark of the Beast = 144
The 144 = 144
The 144 thousand = 144
Statsministeromröstning = 144 (Prime Minister Voting)

Magdalena is 54 years old. Resigning from her post as Prime Minister is called “entledigad” in Swedish.
Resign = 54 (Reverse Full Reduction EP)
Entledigad = 54 (Reverse Full Reduction and Reverse Single Reduction)
Magdalena Andersson = 54 (Septenary)
Prime Minister = 54 (Septenary)

From her birth date until November 24, 2021 is 20,029 days, or 229.
Magdalena Andersson blir Sveriges första kvinnliga statsminister = 229 (Septenary)
(Translation: Magdalena Andersson become Sweden’s first female Prime Minister)
Entledigad = 229 (Primes)

And as for her being the Prime Minister for 7 hours…
Kvinnlig Statsminister (Female Prime Minister) = 95
7 timmar (7 hours) = 95

And 7 hours written out is “sju timmar” in Swedish.
Sju timmar = 119 (as in 9/11)
Frimurarna = 119 (‘the freemasons’ in Swedish)
“Frimurarna” is also 56, the famous hoax code, in the Full Reduction cipher.

And for it all being a ritual…
Ritual = 81 / 45
7 timmar = 81
Entledigad = 81 / 45

Strong connection between Ritual and Entledigad (resign.)

And she said she resign because of a budget failure.
Magdalena Andersson = 103
Budget = 103

As I said, this is only scratching the surface and all I had time with. However, it does not really matter if you understand the undeniable fact that politics and government is nothing more than theatre, a play of puppets. The only difference between one party or another “ruling” is how they execute their orders from above. That is all.

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