The Whole Fake Pandemic in One Number, The Number for Dishonesty – 113

Today’s numerology and gematria lesson – the number for dishonesty, 113. In the Talmud, there is a very specific verse numbered Baba Kamma 113a. This verse tells the Jew that it is okay for Jews to lie to goyim as long as it is in a legal setting, which is pretty much everywhere, because we are entangled by laws anywhere we go.

That verse from the Talmud is as follows:
Baba Kamma 113a: “Jews may use lies to circumvent a Gentile.”

I touched on this in many posts, especially this one about “Mandatory Vaccination, WHO and the 666 code – the history of the fake pandemic.

To keep it simple and somewhat short. The staged and fake pandemic was declared by WHO on March 11, 2020. March 11 can be written as 11/3, especially in Europe where WHO’s headquarter is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Of course, in gematria, “declaration of the pandemic” is 113 in the Full Reduction cipher. Isn’t that a coincidence, or what? But wait, it gets better, much better.

113 is known as the number for dishonesty – a faked and staged reality. Often used in sinister lies, deception, disinformation, and staged events. This connection is so strong that even the sentence, “The Number for Dishonesty” sums to 113 in the Reverse Full Reduction cipher.

And a prime example, especially for this fake pandemic, is the phrase, “The World’s Biggest Scam”, which is also 113 in the Reverse Full Reduction cipher.

To demonstrate the importance of knowing about ‘113’, here is a list of words that sums to 113. It is quite descriptive.

Dishonest = 113
Not Honest = 113
Perverted = 113
Fiction = 113
Illusions = 113
Election Day = 113
Politics = 113
Puppets = 113
Bullshit = 113
Mainstream = 113
Broadcasting = 113
Not True = 113
Not Factual = 113
Dis-info =113
Perjury = 113
Infidelity = 113
Green Screen = 113
Divorce = 113
Sinister = 113
Fake Reality = 113
Dreamworld = 113
Manipulated Research = 113
The Number for Dishonesty = 113

Now, let’s look at keywords for this staged and fake pandemic.

Clade X = 113
Coronavirus Pandemic = 113
John Hopkins University = 113

These three are all tightly connected. March 11, 2020, was the 666th day since the Clade X simulation held on May 15, 2018. Clade X was a virus pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by the Johns Hopkins University (Center for Health Security.)
And yes, the 666 (Number of the Beast) is connected to 113 as well.
Revelation is the 66th book of the Bible, the concluding book of the New Testament. 66 is the shorthand number for ‘Number of the Beast’.
Number of the Beast = 66
Corona = 66
New Testament = 66

Another word for ‘Revelation’ is ‘Apocalypse’.
Apocalypse = 113

As you can see, only using ‘113’ as in when the pandemic was declared, we can decode the truth behind it. That it is a deception, a world-wide staged scam.

For further reading, see my post about “WHO declare Coronavirus a Pandemic

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