Malcom X’s Daughter Malikah Found Dead at Her Home in Another Jesuit Ritual

Just as with the ritual killing of Tiger King’s Jeff Johnson, Malcom X’s daughter Malikah Shabazz was killed in a ritual with similar numerology. While Jeff died in September, the news did not report it until Tuesday, November 23. Mailkah on the other hand, was found dead on this day – a day with 74- and 38-numerology.

This will be a quick rundown. Please check the decode of Jeff Johnson for more information and images of the decodes.

She died at 56-years old, the infamous ritualistic ‘56’ code.

She died on a date with 38- and 74-numerology as in ‘killing’ (38 days left in the year). 38 is also the death, murder, killing, and RIP number.

She died 7 weeks and 4 days after her birthday, as in 74, as in ‘killing’ and the numerology of the day. And Brooklyn, New York is also 74 in RFR.

She died on a day with 39-numerology. Malcom X died at age 39. Daughter = 39.

She died in her home, Brooklyn, New York, which is 79. 79 is the 22nd prime. She died on the 22nd day of the month.

She died on the 54th day of her age on a day with 54-numerology. Jesuit Order = 54.

She died 44 weeks before her upcoming birthday. Kill = 44.

She died 1 month and 23 days after her birthday, as in 123. Malcom X = 123.

She died 187 days after Malcom X’s birthday. 187 is the murder/homicide code.

The news report that her body was found at 4:40pm. Malcom X was killed on a day with 44-numerology. Kill = 44. Malikah = 44.

Very much a ritual killing.

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