Soccer Journalist Grant Wahl and Ronnie Turner Dead by the Numbers – And Celine Dion’s Stiff-Person Syndrome (Not the Poke)

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, these “celeb” deaths or weird ‘diseases’ are being reported pretty much every day now. And again, none of these “celebrities” have taken the poke, the clot shot. The other day Celine Dion was said to have “Stiff-Person Syndrome” all by the numbers. Of course, this is one of the made-up side-effects printed on page 8 of Pfizer’s “5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports,” which made baby-truthers go wild on social media claiming Celine got this made-up disease from the magic potion.

Nah, sorry, this is simply distractions and a way to trigger anti-vaxxers, cause more division, and to keep the talk about the vaccines and the fake virus alive in the minds of the masses. As long as you talk about the hokey pokey the masses associate it with the virus, reinforcing that lie. In other words, these calculated reactions are to keep people occupied and focused on truther chicken-feed while the big issue, the invisible elephant in the room — that viruses does not exist – is kept in the dark. The real lie that we need to expose.

And, as I’ve explained in dozens of articles. Many of the side-effects and deaths from the magic potion, from the poke, are real, as we see it almost every day around us. However, the stories in the media are not. That is all theatre.

Again, since all these weird made-up diseases and all the deaths are heavily coded with date-numerology and the targeted celeb (as in name, occupation, birthdates, etc.,) it’s mathematically impossible for it to be organic. It was scripted. It was a planned ritual. It was played out by the numbers. And most likely, the celeb is playing along (as in getting a fake disease) or has been retired (as in being reported dead.) The latter is most likely true among those “dying” at a younger age, as it is the character that is killed off in their ritual, while the “person” who played that role is either retired or being asked to play a new role on the world stage. That is how it works, at least with their successful MK-Ultra actors, they are simply playing out roles on the world stage for their entire life.

With that being said, there are of course some real sacrifices and perhaps even real diseases, but in those cases, they have been poisoned so it lines up with the pre-calculated and chosen day for the ritual.

Now, for the latest deaths in the headlines, the US soccer journalist Grant Wahl is an interesting case. They claim he collapsed at the World Cup on Friday, December 9, and died shortly after. This was reported on early Saturday, and then half a day later, they changed his date of death from December 9 to December 10, the kill date. And not only that, his last name ‘Wahl’ is an almost perfect match with the word ‘kill.’ No wonder he was chosen for such a ritual. So no, chicken-feed truther, this was not the poke, not the magic potion. This was another ritualistic sacrifice. He was sacrificed as a tribute for this satanic soccer event all by the numbers.

12/10/22 = 12+10+22 = 44
12/10/2022 = 12+10+20+22 = 64
12/10/2022 = 12+10+(2+0+2+2) = 28

Kill = 44, 64, 17, 28, 41, 59, 14, 23, 184, 204
Wahl = 44, 64, 17, 41, 59, 14, 23, 184, 204

As you can see, the date-numerology of 44 and 64 are perfect matches for both ‘kill’ and ‘Wahl,’ while the words are almost perfectly synced to begin with. And, of course, his full name is fatefully connected to this satanic event, the World Cup.

Grant Wahl = 104, 41
World Cup = 104, 41

He collapsed while covering the Argentina-Netherlands game and then died on a day with 44-date numerology, the same day this story made the ‘news.’
12/10/22 = 12+10+22 = 44

Argentina = 44
Kill Ritual = 44

He was a ‘Soccer Journalist.’

Soccer Journalist = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67

He was born on December 2, 1973, thus he died 8 days after his 49th birthday, on December 10, a day with 8-date numerology.

12/10/22 = 1+2 + 1+0 + 2+2 = 8
12/10/22 = 1 × 2 × 1 × 2 × 2 = 8

Grant Wahl = 49 (he just turned 49-years-old)

But more interestingly, he died exactly 11 months and 22 days before his 50th birthday. 11 is the Freemasonic Master number and 22 is the Freemasonic Master Builder Number, and adding them together gives you ’33,’ the Freemasonic Master Teacher Number. Now, that is quite the Freemasonic tribute.

But that is not all, Grant Wahl’s wife is Dr. Celine Gounder, with the same name like Celine Dion, who was in the headlines just a few days prior with a “stiff” syndrome, just as a body goes stiff when it dies. Funny how they connect all the fabricated scripted stories. However, the kicker is that his wife was born on April 22, which means that he collapsed exactly ‘33’ weeks after her birthday, or you could say that he died on the 33rd week of his wife’s age! BAM! There you go, 11, 22, and 33, all coded into his death date. Such coincidences, no?

And speaking of the World Cup, old soccer legend Pelé has been mentioned a lot lately, as he’s allegedly been in and out of the hospital and is supposedly in very bad health. Noticing that he recently turned 82 years old, meaning that he’s on his 83rd year of life, as in Football and Murder equaling to 83, he will most likely be retired, as in reported dead, before the end of the year. A day with 83-date numerology is December 29, which would also be 67-days after his birthday, as in Human Sacrifice and Blood Sacrifice equaling to 67. December 29 can be written as 12/29, as in 1229, the 201st prime. The number of the Jesuit Order. Although this in only a hunch, look out for December 29.

For more evidence that Grant Wahl was a ritual, check Joseph’s video below:

And as for Tina Turner’s son Ronnie, who allegedly died at 62-years of age on December 8, a day with 62-date numerology.
12/8/2022 = 12+8+20+22 = 62

Sacrifice = 62
Death Ritual = 62
Faustian Bargain = 62
Mason = 62

And note the quote, “This is a Tragedy.” 100% coded with his name.

This is a Tragedy = 66, 87
Turner = 66
Ronnie = 87

And watch out next year in 2023 for the death of Tina Turner, a she will be 83, the murder-number.

As I’m running out of time, check these decodes below for a 100% confirmation that Ronnie’s death was scripted and simply another ritual. Not the pokey.

And a decode from Zac at Gematria Effect News:

Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner’s son, dead at 62, December 8, 2022
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