Transgender Navy SEAL Kristin Beck Converts Back to Chris Beck: ‘Destroyed My Life’

This breaking story on Fox News is a perfect example of opposite poles on the same axis, how they in power control and play both sides of any movement or group. And while the message might seem good-natured; that changing your sex and destroying your God-given body, acting out against nature and creation will destroy your life, it will have zero impact on the satanic Baphomet movement of transgenderism. Actually, most likely it will strengthen it.

You see, the left side of the axis embrace everything Satanic and New Age. Every kind of mental illness brought on by nutrition deficiencies, hormone imbalances, poisoning, and programming infesting the weak-minded; everything that will destroy the core family unit – removing the ability to sustain one-self and our families and instead making everyone dependable of the state, the beast system.

And on the other end of the axis, on the right side, we have a lukewarm version of the opposite. However, both sides are simply two different roads leading to the exact same destination. The left and the right is nothing more than a separate and isolated layer upon the real world; all theatre being played out on the world stage while the layer underneath, our real reality, marches on towards their planned destinations and ultimately Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050.

Stories like these are only published among “right-wing” publications and its readers are already against this satanic movement, so no changes occur. They just nod and say, “yeah, you’re f**ing right about that.” However, when the story gets shared on social media and reaches some groups within the left, they’ll get triggered and will leash out, most likely by increasing the transgender propaganda, pushing it even harder onto innocent children in the schools. The net effect will most likely be that the satanic movement get more exposure and more people, especially children, will get hurt. Remember, both sides are controlled, and nothing gets exposure unless them want it to.

And this is easily proven by their rituals and how every story is coded with numerology and gematria, no matter if it’s on CNN or on Fox News, no matter if the story is deemed to be left-wing or right-wing, no matter if it’s perceived as good or bad by you, it will still have its desired effect. The layers of programming and conditioning in our society has already seen to that.

Now, this ‘Navy Seal’ became “famous” 10 years ago after coming out as the ‘transgender’ Kirstin Beck. However, he/it has now announced that it is ‘detransitioning’ and called out to Americans to ‘wake up’ as he said the procedure ‘destroyed my life.’ He also said that ‘I’m not a victim,’ but ‘I had help.’

All those quotes are from the sub-headline, and they are all coded to match up.

Kirstin Beck = 176, 77
Detransition = 176, 77
I’m Not a Victim = 176, 77
Destroyed My Life = 77
Wake Up = 77

Christopher, aka., Kristin Beck, was born on June 21, 1966. This story on Fox News was published on December 11, 6 months and 10 days, like 61, before his upcoming birthday (as you can drop the zeroes in numerology as they hold no value.)

Christopher = 61
Kristin Beck = 61
I’m Not a Victim = 61
Society of Jesus = 61 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

That is the same as a span of 193-days, which just happen to fit perfectly with the narrative. Imagine that.

Ex-transgender Navy SEAL Kristin Beck = 193

And being born on June 21 means that the story was published on his 174th day of his age.

New World Order = 174 (what this is partly about)
Secret Societies = 174 (a lot of transgenders and Baphomet worship)
Number of the Beast = 174

And published on the 11th.

Beast = 11 (as in Baphomet, the transgender horned goat)

He is also 56-years-old, the infamous code representing the Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus) and some of their largest illusions, such as the staged and fake pandemic.

Transgender = 56, 56
Destroyed My Life = 56
But I had Help = 56, 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Freemasons = 56

And the story was published on December 11, the day leaving 20-days remaining in the year, which fits the person in the story.

Beck = 20, 20, 20, 20

Again, this announcement of a retired Navy SEAL “detransitioning” was planned all along by the numbers.

Detransitioning = 178, 227, 92, 703, 752
Retired Navy SEAL = 178, 227, 92, 703, 752

In the article he said he said, “I was used,” and looking at this ritual it’s obvious that he still is being used.
Everything in the media is controlled, scripted, and presented by the numbers.

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