All About 56: Roger Waters Investigated by Police for Wearing His Typical Nazi Costume During Concert in Germany

In the name of political correctness, Police in Germany have launched a criminal investigation into Roger Waters, the co-founder of Pink Floyd, after he appeared dressed in his typical costume resembling a Nazi uniform during two concerts in Berlin last week, or so you would be led to believe. Of course, this is only another division ritual to make left-wing liberal soy-fed sheep weep about the holohoax while those trapped in the right-wing of the same axis will complain about the misuse of police resources and funding – especially considering that the satirical costume has been part of Waters’ solo act for the past 30 years.

Of course, it’s only a ruse. Nothing of it is real. It’s scripted chickenfeed “news” for the dumbed down masses.

Roger Waters was born on September 6, 1943, and this story broke on May 26, the 263rd day of his age. 263 is the infamous 56th prime number. According to the media, Waters is a big supporter of BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) and as to the whole Nazi costume thing from the concerts during May 17-18, he replied, “It’s a parody.” Also, CNN chose the word ‘probe’ for the investigation in their headline. And of course, this is all about Adolf Hitler, the world-stage actor who allegedly died at the age of 56.

Adolf Hitler = 56, 56 (died at the age of 56)
Nazi Costume = 56
It’s a Parody = 56
Nazi Uniform = 56 (the Jewish cipher, the pun)
May 17-18 = 56 (the two concerts that lead to this ‘probe’ by the police)
Probe = 56 (CNN’s headline)
BDS = 56 (they just had to mention his support of BDS)
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Freemasons = 56

Look at that, pretty much the whole story coded into one number. However, there is more, much more.

And note that Water’s comment to the ‘Nazi costume’ was simply ‘It’s a parody.’ A perfect match. Very scripted!

Nazi Costume = 47, 61, 56, 61, 143
It’s a Parody = 47, 61, 56, 61, 143

The story also trended 103 days before Winter’s upcoming birthday, and it’s all about him pretending to be a fascist dictator in a satirical Nazi costume, and as the German police puts it, fulfilling the offense of incitement to hatred and him identifying with Nazi racist ideology.

Fascist Dictator = 103
Incitement to Hatred = 103
Nazi Racist Ideology = 103
Satirical Nazi Costume = 103
Jesuits = 103

Counting the end-date, it hit the media 14 weeks and 6 days before Winter’s next birthday, like in 146. And again, this was all about the Nazi costume, the Nazi uniform.

Nazi Costume = 146
Nazi Uniform = 146

Out of all the 365 days of the year, and they manage to publish it on the exactly correct date. Such incredible coincidences.

This is also all about Roger playing Hitler, the German dictator, and Pink Floyd’s “pro-Nazi” album ‘The Wall,’ in which the album’s protagonist hallucinates that he is a fascist dictator.

Adolf Hitler died on April 30, and this story broke on May 26, 3 weeks and 6 days after Hitler’s death anniversary, like 36. And counting from Hitler’s birthday of April 20, this story broke 36 days later. So, we have a double 36 with the main character Hitler. 36 is of course a very relevant number that fits this ritual perfectly.

Roger = 36, 36
Hitler = 36, 36
Dictator = 36, 36

The Wall = 36
Pro-Nazi = 36
Hitler = 36
Masons = 36

And being 36 days after Hitler’s birthday, the math is not very complicated when looking at how many days it would be until Hitler’s next birthday anniversary. Yes, 2024 is a leap year, so it will be exactly 330 days, like the Freemasonic calling-card of 33. Of course, this all allegedly happened during Roger Water’s concerts in Berlin and it’s a ruse by the Freemasonic German police.

Berlin = 33
Police = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

Roger = 33, 33
Waters = 33
Hitler = 33, 33

Not surprising that Roger Waters like to dress up as Hitler with numbers like these. It’s all a scripted act by his handlers and Freemasonic buddies.

So, there you have it. Even nonsensical stories like this one are fabricated far in advance, totally scripted, and executed as a ritual. Every big story in the media is made up or manipulated to fit their numbers.

And as a little bonus, here’s the official video, “Is that your uniform,” by Swedish synthpop band Ashbury Heights. Well, Roger, is it?

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