Truther Psy-Ops and Conspiracy Chickenfeed, Part 3

This is the third part of many where we look at misleading and false ‘conspiracy theories,’ as in psychological operations playing on baby ‘truthers’ and serving like chickenfeed of useless misinformation, keeping you running in circles — or how they are hiding what is going on behind operations that are intended to look like conspiracies.
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With that out of the way, let’s continue with some false and misleading conspiracy psy-ops that most of us agree on:

Henry Kissinger and the fake Jewish New World Order

Henry Kissinger is a Jewish political puppet and world-stage actor who received his education at the City College of New York (CCNY, CC=33,) an institute in Manhattan founded in 1847 to train puppets of the left-wing to uphold the political illusion of opposites and to place them on critical posts on the world stage. Kissinger played the role of the 56th (the number of the Jesuits) Secretary of State from 1973 to 1977 under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. He is often used by the Jesuits as the archetypal globalist, agent of the ‘global modeling,’ and a figurehead of the psy-op of Jews running the world and working for a New World Order. Jews are frequently used as a decoy to take the blame for the perversity of Hollywood, and, more importantly, to distract from the ruling Elite families and their connection to the Jesuit Order (Judaism and Catholicism both worship Saturn, they both put Tarot- and kabbalistic symbolism in their Hollywood movies.)
Also note that the elite families that run the world have an obsession with fulfilling biblical prophecies and restoring Jerusalem, so the Zionist Jews are a part of their agenda, but they use their Jewish puppets as a front and they have no real power – that is only an illusion. Strategically pushed texts like the ‘Protocol of Elders of Zion,’ which perfectly describe the Jesuit philosophy, were used to deceive people to think this ‘New World Order’ is a purely Masonic or Jewish agenda, so it can easily be brushed off as antisemitism.

To build on his legendary status as a spider in the ‘New World Order’ web, Kissinger is a member of almost every globalist think tank and secret society, such as the Bohemian Club, Club of Rome (and used by the Committee of 300,) CSIS, Le Cercle, RAND Corporation, Hudson Institute, World Economic Forum, Atlantik-Brücke, Atlantic Council, Phi Beta Kappa, Pilgrims Society, Foreign Policy Association, Order of St Michael and George.

Kissinger’s book World Order has been promoted and used by other actors such as Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg to mislead and ridicule the ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theories, which simply is to downplay and muddy the waters with what has really been going on with UN’s Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and Vision 2050. These New World Order ideas also serve as conditioning as they are, at first, seen as ridiculous and outrageous. And while those large concepts are being ridiculed as conspiracy theories, other smaller parts of their vision are introduced instead, slowly building on their vision. Then, 10 or 20 years later, the initial concepts that was once seen as outrageous conspiracies has now been normalized through conditioning by the media, movies, TV-shows, and social media, and thus they go from being conspiracies to reality. And to push the throttle a little, and to sway opinions, they used staged and fake world-stage catastrophes along the way, such as 9/11 and the fake Coronavirus pandemic.

Kissinger is also a member of Ted Turner’s Nuclear Threat Initiative and has been used to keep the idea of nuclear weapons being real and a nuclear war being possible. And that will probably be their next big staged hoax, a fake nuclear bomb going off.

New World Order

The phrase ‘New World Order’ is used by media and officials as a diffuse distraction and to ridicule symbolism that is used by the secret societies, especially the Freemasons and the Illuminati, as in one eye and the pyramid. It is also used, as described with Kissinger, to muddy the waters of what is really going on with Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and Vision 2050, to ridicule drastic ideas as conspiracies, and to slowly normalize them through conditioning.

A lot of what was said to be ‘New World Order Conspiracy Theories’ only 30 years ago, are implemented today.

The idea to put the New World Order psy-op in play to hide the real ‘New World Order’ ideas was implemented after WW1 when Marxist Antonio Gramsci founded the newspaper L’Ordine Nuovo (The New Order.) This was fueled during WWII with the NY Times article in 1940 where a New World Order was pledged to the Jews. Then the Jesuit author HG Wells of the Fabian Society wrote the book ‘The New World Order.’ Since then, several presidents including Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, and others have used the phrase ‘New World Order.’ And as I wrote in part 2, it was used by Klaus Schwab and WEF during the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic as a distraction and labelled as the Great Reset.


The Pizzagate hoax was the start of the presidential campaign of Jesuit Donald Trump and the campaign of the media to frame dangerous misinformation and ‘conspiracy theories’ as Right/Alt-Wing.
Pizzagate was a psy-op orchestrated by controlled opposition in 2016 to create a problem of Russian ‘fake news,’ to label Right-Wing and Alt-Right people as crazy and dangerous conspiracy theorists, and to condition and desensitize people to pedophilia and satanism. And as a method of problem-reaction-solution, the Pizzagate psy-op worked to increase censorship on Facebook and other social media (the Infodemic.)
Pizzagate was the first real obvious step, as Hillary Clinton, married to Jesuit Bill Clinton, reacted to Pizzagate as the hoax it was, and then branded the term ‘fake news’ spread by Russia, which gave Facebook an excuse to implement their mind-control police in the shape of “factcheckers.” This laid the foundation for the infodemic and their next phase of the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic where censorship would increase once again. Of course, the CIA-controlled Q- and Qanon opposition revived Pizzagate during the Covid-19 psy-op ritual together with media actors of Fox News and portraying Trump as the savior of children from hidden underground bunkers and tunnels.

The psy-op and media hoax of Pizzagate was initiated in 2016 by NewsPunch, David Icke, Infowars and Alex Jones, The Vigilant Citizen, Mike Cernovich, Rebel News, and other controlled opposition and disinformation agents. It rapidly spread on the very controlled and shill-ridden platforms of 4Chan, Reddit, and Twitter.

Another disinformation channel and CIA psy-op, Wikileaks with actor and puppet Julian Assange, spread fake emails of Hillary Clinton, of Jesuit John Podesta, and Anthony Weiner, after which controlled opposition of David Wilcock and David Seaman spread false stories if cryptic messages, leading the way to the Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria in Washington DC, claimed to be part of a child trafficking ring and pedophilia network. This was a classic psy-op by the textbook using the method of creating a vague mystery as a distraction to neutralize previous information about what is really going on, and to conditioning the public and to avoid other topics.

They also used the mind-controlled actor Macaulay Culkin, who is used by the film industry to normalize pedophilia, and Miley Cyrus, another mind-controlled sex slave of Disney used in media to normalize the idea of multiple personality disorders, pedophilia, and sodomy, and Marina Abramovich, a mind-controlled artist and propagandist to normalize satanism and the gay-transgender agenda; to mislead and chock people, which simply is a tool of conditioning and normalization through desensitization. This led to slowly introducing the gay-transgender and sex-change agendas to children, and to make children look more mature than they are.

That’s it for this morning. If you want more information or like to discuss these misleading conspiracies, please join us at our uncensored community where we go much deeper into each and every one of these.

And thanks to LexLuTHOR for the featured image.

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