Fake Influencer and Actor Andrew Tate and the Greta Pizzagate Psy-Op

Well, this little psy-op kind of exploded yesterday with the news of Andrew Tate’s staged and faked arrest allegedly taking place in Romania. I did write a quick little note on Facebook about this, as most half-woke baby truthers got it all wrong, as they usually do. Actually, there’s people who think that Andrew is for real. Wow, really? He’s a freemasonic puppet, an actor on the world stage. If it’s really him that is, and not a deep fake copy being played by some actor. Anyway, let’s roll back and look at this silliness from the beginning.

On December 27, I posted on our uncensored community Ungovernable.se, about Tate trolling Greta Thunberg on Twitter about emissions with his alleged ‘33’ cars and 3.3M followers. You know, 33 as in the Freemasonic Master Teacher number, their highest degree within Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and their calling card when acting on the world stage. And, of course, he was following 121 people, 121 as in the 11th square number, 11 like the first Freemasonic Master Number.

In his tweet he asked for Greta’s e-mail, so he could send a complete list of his fake car collection. Greta’s handler answered with providing, “smalldickenergy@getalife.com,” which is kind of hilarious as we all know that Greta was born a boy; as the first-born child in these secret society families has to be raised as the opposite gender. You know, the Satanic Baphomet worship and all that.

Now, this little staged and scripted Twitter battle could have ended there, but actorwhore Andrew Tate posted a follow-up video that, of course, was exactly a Jesuit 2:01 minute long. As with most of his videos, it seemed CGI-ish, as using a rendered room and deep fake technology, as in he’s being played by some other actor, or it’s been touched up and filmed in front of a green screen.

Anyhow, in this silly video he asks someone out of view to bring him pizza, and he insist on the boxes not being recyclable. He then places two boxes in front of him and turn them carefully so that the name of the pizzeria is clearly visible. Very staged and obviously a pun and mocking of half-woke baby truthers and the whole silly ‘pizzagate’ thing, as this was allegedly what led to his arrest. Yes, the media claims that Romanian Police identified the pizza boxes and could confirm that he was in Romania, and according to the media, they arrested Tate for Human Trafficking – another pun and mocking of our intelligence as the GRETA Group (Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings) had previously demanded in 2021 that Romania take action against Human Trafficking.

So, we have a staged bickering on Twitter between Tate and Greta full with symbolism and mockery, which ends in him being arrested for something pushed by GRETA. And as a funny remark, Greta tweeted back with, “this is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes.”

Now, a day later, the media say that the Romanian Police arrested Tate for money laundering and that the pizza box was misinformation, leading to ‘memes,’ you know, the Infodemic script.

And that is a smart play, as these half-woke baby truthers now will believe that they are trying to cover it all up, that this was a part of the whole silly pizzagate thing, or worse.
Yes, it’s all so silly and obviously all staged as yet another psy-op performance on the world stage. A ritual played out as a mocking and gaslighting of the ‘pizzagate’ nonsense, and it was, of course, all heavily coded.

Andrew Tate = 666 & 111
Pizzagate = 666 & 111
Very connected, even in the numbers!

As many competent truthers and decoders already have proven this story to be, without a doubt, 100% scripted and coded by the numbers, I will not go into it and repeat what already has been revealed. Instead, I will leave these resources for your viewing and reading pleasure.

Social Media Influencer Andrew Tate Arrested in Romania
Andrew Tate and his brother arrested in Romania for sex-trafficking, December 29, 2022

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